Sunday Snapshots

We slept in and it was everything we thought it would be.

2012-12-16 07.53.58

After a slow, leisurely morning sipping coffee, we hit up one of Mike’s favorite restaurants, the Black Bear Diner for late brlunch.  <- my made up word for breakfast/lunch, not to be confused with brunch.

Doesn’t he just look happy!?  Nerd.

2012-12-16 11.58.43

I had the grilled chicken avocado club sandwich with fries.  It was really good.

2012-12-16 11.58.39

Then our necessary mid day stop at Starbucks.  I know our marriage will last forever because he’s just as addicted to coffee as I am. 

I stole this picture from myself on another post, but had my usual.  Decaf tall Starbucks double shot with classic & soy.  And yes, I totally know I am ‘that’ person so I’m extra nice when I order.  And the “nice” part is completely abnormal for me.


Then I did a little afternoon Christmas gift crafting.

2012-12-16 14.40.15

While Mike made my dreams of feta stuffed chicken come true.  But even better when he added bacon!!  And we all know bacon is the secret to life.  Along with butter.

2012-12-16 17.25.58

It was a rather indulgent weekend for me and so worth every bite!!  But I am looking forward to getting back to normal this week.  Last week was kind of a bust on the running front for me. 

Running < Christmas shopping

I can’t wait to stock up on healthy foods & run tomorrow.

Normal feels so good.

Something a little random that I posted on Facebook the other day I thought you might enjoy.


What did you do today?

What’s your “normal”?

For me, it’s running 3 to 4 days a week, eating healthy foods and following my daily routines. 

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  2. Hey Jacqueline I am really loving your blog!!! Keep it UP!! I hope you are doing well?! <3 Becky

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