But I didn’t cry

I was going to tell you about scoring the long sleeve running top I’ve been eyeing on clearance today, and how I had to dig through the trash to find a receipt at the very bottom for a gift card I lost, and the taco soup I made for dinner turned out really good.  And how Bam had to sit in doggie time out for chewing the door frame when the gardeners were here.

But all of those things don’t matter because I got to talk to my little grandma on the phone for a long time today.

You see grandma Lucille isn’t much of a talk on the phone kind of person.  She usually says what she needs to and leaves it at that.

Today was different.


Let me give you a little background on my grandma.  She is God fearing, sitting in the front row of church every single Sunday, a complete creature of habit that does things her own way, never says a bad thing about anyone even when they deserve it, has the biggest heart on the planet but is tough at the same time, simple kind of lady who doesn’t have a lot of money, but she is rich beyond what money can buy.

I called and asked her what she was up to.  She told me she was walking around her backyard, looking at her garden and started talking about how many leaves were in the yard.  “All of my trash cans are full and there’s still a bunch all over the ground” she said.


I laughed as I said grandma, I’m surprised you didn’t pile them up and burn them!!  She said “oh I did that yesterday, but then there was a lot of smoke and I didn’t want anyone to turn me in, so I put it out.”  As I’m laughing uncontrollably at that point, she said “you know, I do a lot of things I’m not supposed to.”

Laughing so hard I was almost crying because she is so funny without being funny.  And if she needs something done, she’s going to do it herself.


I think you’ll also get a laugh out of the post Mike put on Facebook earlier this year.

Mike: Grandma, when you fell off the stool, what sound did it make? Was it a splat or a thump?

Grandma: I don’t remember what sound it made but I remember it hurt a whole bunch. But I didn’t cry!

This from an 84 year old independent woman, that got up on a picnic table bench with a broom to reach the dead leaves on the roof of her own house. That same woman fell on her shoulder onto a cement patio, and couldn’t get up because of the pain. She then crawled into the house and her arm has not been the same. But she made it known to me and everyone around her, she didn’t cry!

I was trying to poke fun at her, but she turned the table and I haven’t stopped thinking about it all night. She comes from a generation that lived through the depression and World War 2, pride is what they had, and nobody was going to take that away. I’m glad to know you Lucille!  You are truly part of “The Greatest Generation.”


This is my “Little Grandma” and I truly love her. She makes me feel good about getting older. Everybody says that I’m a lot like her, you know, I’m okay with that!


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  1. Such a sweet post!

    I love and miss my nan a lot too, especially around this time of year.

    I adore your blog! Yours is one of my favourites to read as you love running, your dog, Christmas movies, and your family. 🙂

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