Blissful in dysfunction

I love my ma & pa.  I really do.  But they have the most dysfunctional kitchen I’ve ever seen.  You guys, it’s really bad. 

When I was home for Christmas, I asked where the silverware was located.  They both laughed and pointed at the clean pile of dishes on the counter.  I couldn’t believe they didn’t have a “home” for their stuff and they were completely okay with this.

When I asked where the coffee was, while laughing again, they said it’s in the cabinet by the sink.  But folks, they have a whole coffee bar my uncle Charlie custom built in the room next to the kitchen.  It’s complete with a Keurig, sugar, creamer, even tea.  They laughed because their love for dysfunction kills the Type A in me.  I mean, how do these people live like this!?  How did I come from this!?  Ha!

I still shutter just thinking about it, and will not be posting pictures in fear of scaring you guys.

I hope you see my sense of humor in this, though I would nut up if I had to live there.

Anyway I think spending 4 days there left me with an uncontrollable urge to organize & de-clutter my whole house. 

I woke up this morning feeling a little post Christmas blues.  So I played with my Charlie Brown toy my BF Ronda gave me while sipping coffee.  Charlie Brown is my favorite!

2012-12-27 07.44.48

Well, that didn’t last long because this evening during dinner I declared it was time to take down the Christmas tree & decorations.

2012-12-27 18.06.00 2012-12-27 20.04.30

2012-12-27 18.05.43 2012-12-27 20.04.38

So Lissy helped me put everything away.  She loves organization as much as I do and was a HUGE help.  Thank you Boo! 

I was sad to see it all go, but I’m so happy to have things back to normal.  Clean & organized.

Oh and the boys helped by staying out of the way.  😉

2012-12-27 20.04.55

I didn’t confine my Lu to slave labor all day.  We went shopping at the mall for dresses, which was a major success for the both of us.  I’ll post more decent pics later.

2012-12-27 10.19.27

Then met up with Mike while he had lunch.  We had Chipotle earlier at the mall.

2012-12-27 11.28.47

So we weren’t hungry, but there’s always room for cake!

2012-12-27 14.13.33

Man, I am really going to miss my little side kick when she goes back home.  She is such a sweetheart and so much fun.  She definitely has her daddy’s sense of humor!

Well Ralphy’s on, so I guess Christmas isn’t officially over yet.

Good night friends!

Be honest, are you comfortable with disorganization?

What kind of shoes do you think would go with my dress?  It’s chilly and will be outside.

Tell me something your parents do that make you crazy!


2 Comments on “Blissful in dysfunction

  1. 1) Disorganization makes me squirm. Sadly, in my house everything is a disaster that I can’t make any progress on.

    2) Tall boots with the dress

    3) My mom interrupts me by saying “Aaaanywayyy” when she wants to change the subject to something else – which is almost every conversation we have.

  2. You could wear booties with that dress or dark/patterned tights and heels.

    Im fine with some disorganization but my husband hates it unless its his version of organization, which I find disorganized. haha.

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