Beach day & driving down highway 1

Man, the weather is ah-mazing today!!  We decided to get out and enjoy it by taking a drive to Capitola for lunch. 


I fell in love with this laid back little beach town when I participated in the Mermaid Duathlon back in October.  I knew Lu would love it too!  Of course she did and even pointed out it’s charm & character like this mural painted on the side of a business.


We asked a local for recommendations on a good restaurant and she sent us to Fog Bank.  The people were friendly, the view was amazing and the food was good too.  Can’t beat that!

Oh and Mike wanted me to point out that he’s a beer connoisseur and says that a great beer leaves a foamy white ring around the glass with every sip.


After lunch we leashed up Bam (he chilled out in the car) and walked around for a bit. Mike wears this 49ers shirt every Sunday.


This is what 55 degrees & sunny looks like!



And this is what 2 dorks look like. 😉


Then we drove down Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay & stopped along the way to take in the beautiful scenery and amazing weather. Mike really likes the rugged Northern California coast.




I knew Bam was the perfect dog for us because he loves the beach!!




It’s a good thing he can’t read. (I told him he had to stay in the car, but he said screw you and bolted, at least that was the story I was gonna tell the ranger)


What is your favorite destination?  Beach, forest, mountains, etc?

Hands down the beach for me.  Mike’s favorite is a little hidden valley right outside Rifle, CO and Lissy yelled “the beach.”

Do you ever jump in the car without a destination in mind?

We love to, but don’t do it often enough.

Do you follow every rule? 

For the most part, yes.  But I feel like there are way too many little rules, so I don’t sweat the small ones.


5 Comments on “Beach day & driving down highway 1

  1. I used to live in Paso Robles, and we would sometimes drive out to Half Moon Bay. I miss it!! It was so pretty.

  2. All of the above! I have always loved the beach. Then I moved to Southern Oregon and fell in love with the mountains and forest. Now I am landlocked in the Midwest without any of them. Torture!

  3. I’m in Washington, D.C. now. Otherside of the country! But I love it 🙂

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