How to be lamesauce

Happy New Year’s Eve friends!!

I was thinking about doing a year in review post, but I just started blogging daily in October.  Doh!

We’re not big party animals so we will be happily spending the evening chilling out in our nice cozy, warm home. 

In fact I thing lazy is our theme for the weekend.  We slept in and chilled out on the couch all morning, then made plans to go to the San Francisco Zoo.  Then over lunch at Eriks Deli, we decided we didn’t want to do that.  Ha! 

2012-12-31 11.20.05 2012-12-31 11.21.35

2012-12-31 11.20.16

So we went grocery shopping and Mike made a delicious homemade chicken noodle soup.  While he slaved away I started working on my inspiration board.

Seriously, that boy can cook!

2012-12-31 15.14.22

We watched Locked Up Abroad all afternoon and made fun of the people on the show.  And each other.  Have you ever seen that show?  It’s actually very interesting.

Then Bam got sad when he found out he’s 59 in dog years…

2012-12-31 14.07.40

He said something like talk to the paw.

Lissy & I baked Toffee cookies after dinner and then we all played a round of UNO with the family.

2012-12-31 18.08.31

2012-12-31 18.32.46

Bam & I actually won.  Boom!

2012-12-31 18.35.50

I think tomorrow we shall peel ourselves off the couch and do our annual New Years Day hike.  I think it’s our only tradition ha, and I always look forward to it.


I’m a little bummed it’ll be the first year Pookie D isn’t with us, but I know Bam Bam will have a blast!


Thank you all so much for following along, your sweet comments and support of my little hobby.  I’m still amazed people actually read my blog.  Ha! 

I wish you a safe & wonderful New Year!!

Tell me a highlight from 2012!

What are your NYE plans?


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