2013 New Years Day hike

Happy New Year friends!!

Did you do anything fun last night?  Please tell me your night was more exciting than mine!

I’m a grandma & was in bed watching a movie by 9:30. 

I’m okay with that because I woke up feeing great & inspired to run.  Boom!


Oh boy it was painful, but I didn’t stop and I didn’t cry!  Oh wait, I don’t cry.  Anyway…

I’m so over eating out, I declared it “clean out the fridge” day since we’re leaving tomorrow.  I made an open face egg sandwich with sourdough and a lot of Buffalo Tabasco.  Fresh berries on the side.


Then we hit the Bay Trail for our annual New Years Day hike.  Although it was more like a slow freezing walk.  Ha!  It was pretty windy and much colder than we anticipated.  #50iscoldforusbayareapeeps 



Bam still can’t read the sign that said “all dogs must be on leash.”  Pshhhh


We cut our planned 5 mile hike down to 2.30 because we didn’t want to die a slow, cold death. 

Better than a goose egg, right?


We stopped by Safeway on the way home to pick up asada for dinner.  A Starbucks just happened to be inside the store too.  What are the odds?


We had avocados, tomatoes, and lemons from grandma’s tree to use up, so asada sounded perfect.  It was amazing as usual.  I know I say it a lot, but Mike is an amazing cook.  Nothing he makes ever tastes the same way twice, but he never lets me down.

P.S Grandma, we’re out of lemons & will be over to pick some fresh ones soon.  🙂


Then I started packing our bags to head home tomorrow.  We’ll be there for 5 whole days!! 

Last week for Christmas, I asked Mike if he could be trusted to pack his own bag for 1 night and he said no. 


Turns out he really is packing inept, because forgot to pack a shirt.  Boys.

So needless to say, I packed his bag.

Unfortunately, we have a funeral to attend, but at least we get to be home for awhile.


Mike & Lissy went to pick up his suit and there’s still packing, dishes to do & a dog who needs to be let outside.  Why can’t he just grow thumbs?

What did you do today?

Did you get outside too?

Do you pack your significant others bag?

My dad packs he own and totally over packs.  He said he packed 16 pants & shorts the last trip he took to Mexico for 5 days.  Bahahaha!


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  1. I definitely have to pack for my husband. I’m sure he can do it but I’ve always done it for him for the past 11 years! Those avocados and tomatoes look amazing!

  2. My husband absolutely can not pack himself. I’ve been doing it for the past 11 years. Those avocados and tomatoes look amazing!

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