Setting intentions

Half the battle for staying motivated, for me is setting intentions.

Last night I was excited to go to bed because I set my running clothes out, and I knew when I got up, I got to run.


While traveling I usually make the extra effort to eat how I normally do.  I brought everything for oatmeal & the fixings from home, and grabbed a cup of coffee at the hotel.  We have a mini refrigerator in our room, so we went to the grocery store and stocked up on lunch meat, cheese, bread and soup.  Plus, I’m over eating out. It starts to all taste the same after awhile!

It feels really good sticking with my normal lifestyle as much as possible.


I chilled out on my laptop & watched the news while I waited for breakfast to digest a little, then hit up my old stomping ground for a nice relaxing run.

There’s something about running in a familiar place, where my fire for running was sparked.

Even years later, I still see the same people driving the same cars, on the same street, going to the same places, living in the same houses, walking their same dogs, and the same police officers driving around, waving good morning.

I’m not sure if that makes them stagnant, consistent or what, but the creature of habit in me, really enjoys it.


As I ran the my old loop, I was immediately taken back to my old training days where I trained for Two Cities, the California Classic & several other small town races.

Then I found myself dreaming about the next race I want to train for.  The energy and motivation I once felt while training for those races came rushing back to me.  I am so thankful even after all of the injuries & set backs I’ve experienced over the last year & a half, I haven’t lost my spark for running.  You couldn’t beat it out of me with a stick. 

Anyway, I hope this little story inspires you to lace up your running shoes or whatever your choice of self torture exercise may be and  get after it.  You never regret exercising.  


Well it was relaxing run, except for the dog that chased me and a bleeding toenail that needed to be trimmed.  A pedicure & brow wax is in order this afternoon.


Where else are you going to get a picture of oatmeal and a bloody toenail at the same time? 

Your welcome.

When was your last relaxing run?

Have you ever lost a toenail running?

Not yet.  Guess that means I don’t run enough. 

Do animals chase you when your exercising?

Only sometimes here, but so far never in the bay area. 


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  1. Wouldn’t you know, toenails would make me comment! Ues I lost mine from a bunch of hill running in July! It was not cute! It is finally looking normal..but I ran a 1/2 marathon on Sunday and it has been feeling iffy! Why?!!! I really like your blog, and I am your Ca neighbour in Santa Rosa!

  2. My last relaxing run was New Year’s Day, 8 miles in and I still didn’t want to stop. I haven’t lost a toenail yet but on longer runs one of them always hurts so I think that one wouldn’t survive training for a marathon

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