Grandma Ada Newton

What a beautiful funeral ceremony for Mike’s grandmother, Ada.


The church was bursting at the seams with support and attendees to remember a sweet, strong, yet feisty woman.


For the last 10 or so years that I’ve known her, she had dementia and had a great recall of past events with clarity, but couldn’t recall much of current events.  I never got to “know” the real Ada, but I feel like I got a glimpse of her through stories told today.  Boy were they sweet and very funny.

The photo below was taken on Karl & Ada’s 50th wedding anniversary.  I feel peace knowing that they are reunited in heaven now.  <3


Hospitality, strong, kind, loving, taking care of others, grit, loving Jesus, opinionated and many other sweet words were spoken today.

I really wish I could have known her back in the day, I am quite positive I would have loved her.

After the funeral, we had lunch.  It was delicious and we were very thankful for the outpouring support from the church & community to put the luncheon together.


They even had coffee & desert.


I loved my company.  <3



After lunch we attended the graveside service.  Mike (second on right), his brother David & father Doug were pallbearer’s.   


It was another beautiful service where we sang a few of Ada’s favorite hymns & said a few prayers.


And finally laid her to rest above her husband, Karl. 


I love how they have their wedding date on their gravestone.  That’s the kind of people they were.  Two people who loved each other and were deeply connected to the end.


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