It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life……..

Hello!!  How’s it going?

I woke up in slow motion this morning.  Not gonna lie, I am so happy yesterday is over.  It was a beautiful ceremony, but also non stop & draining.

Anyway here’s my current blogging headquarters.


Sitting in grandma Lucille’s living room, and Mike just put a hot cup of coffee in my hand.  This is bliss.


We decided to head back to the bay this afternoon, instead of tomorrow.  Mike’s starting at a new yard on Monday and it’ll be nice to unwind at home a little bit.  But before we left, we had one last lunch with my father in-law and Lu.  2 months is too long to wait to see this girl.  :/


And now we’re hanging out with grandma & Uncle Charlie before we drive home.

As soon as I walked in the door, grandma greeted me with a big smile and told me she & Uncle Charlie bought me some chocolate chip cookies because I wanted desert the other day I was here and they didn’t have any.


I called her an imposter grandma because real grandma’s keep tins of little cookies in their houses.  😉

Uncle Charlie was hungry, so I helped grandma make him supper, although I’m pretty sure I was more in the way than helpful.


A little random story, I was asking her about the big spoon she was using to cook with since I’ve seen her use it my whole life.  She told me that when she & my grandpa got married, they went shopping at an Army Surplus store since they didn’t have anything & it was one of the first things they bought.  She said “it’s older than all of my kids.”

Then she pulled this teaspoon out & said these came with the bags of flour back in the day.  She kept them & still uses them because they are made really well.


Now I have to go back to reality, where grandma & my mother in-law’s cooking will be very sadly missed.

Last night my MIL sent over her famous fried chicken.  The only chicken I will actually eat off the bone.  It’s that good!

2013-01-04 18.38.36

As good as everything was, I’m excited to get back in the kitchen and back to my normal eating.  I miss chicken salads, eggs and our favorite coffee.  I’m tired of crappy hotel coffee.  At least it was free.

What kinds of foods or treats do your grandparents always have?

Fried potatoes, bacon, and in the winter fresh picked lemons from her tree.

Who is your favorite cook?

This one’s tough because it depends on the meal, but I have to say Mike.  He always amazes me with the meals he comes up with.  He hardly ever uses a recipe and nothing ever tastes the same way twice, but it’s always delicious. 


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