2013 Goals & Inspiration board

AKA the come back {running} year!!

Good afternoon!!  How’s Wednesday treating you?

I finally had the time to finish up my inspiration board today.  I have a good feeling about 2013 and I’m excited to share some of my goals with you.

I have a few other BIG goals, but I’m keeping those under wraps for now.  If something transpires, I’ll be sure to let you guys now.

For now here is my inspiration board!


Here’s a closer look:


  • Stay organized

Lissy helped me get organized over Christmas break and I’m hoping to stay on top of it.  We’re not messy, it’s just the clutter that builds up in corners & piles of paperwork.

  • Be kinder than I feel

I’m more of the “suck it up cupcake” type, but I feel like I could be a little more compassionate.  Mike, you are not allowed to comment on this.  😉

  • Complete a duathlon

I did the Mermaid Duathlon last year and loved it.  Plus it motivates me to cross train when I only want to run.  Is it possible to love running too much?  I sure hope not!

  • Grow my little blog

This one is really close to my heart and I went back & forth with myself about posting about it on here, but in the end you gotta dream big, right!?  It’s something I absolutely love to do and can see myself blogging years down the road.  I especially enjoy the new friendships and “meeting” fellow run/fitness/blogger/reader nerds out there like me.  You guys kinda make me feel normal.

  • Run a sub 24 minute 5K

Okay so this has been one of my goals for a few years now.  I’m not sure I can actually pull it off this year, but I just thought I’d throw it out there.  Who knows!

  • Complete the California Classic 35 mile ride & half marathon

I completed this 2 years ago and it’s one of my favorite races.  It’s pretty challenging (for me) and requires a lot of training time, but it’s everything I love to do anyway.  I’m hoping my body will agree with my heart on this one.  It’s also in Fresno and any reason to go home, is a good one.

  • Run 500 miles

I know this is not a huge amount of miles, but I’m not willing to push too hard on this after finally recovering from several injuries. 

  • Go indoor rock climbing

Something I’ve never done, but have always wanted to do.  Mike actually gave me passes last year for my Birthday, so I just need to go! 

  • Stretch & foam roll before & after every run

I suck at this.  That is all.

  • Take a fitness class

It’s been forever since I’ve taken a class, but I need to venture outside my bubble.  I just bought a deal for yoga, so I just need to build up the courage to go my muscles will thank me.

  • Learn to like cooking

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of cooking, but we have to eat and I don’t like eating out so I need to suck it up.  Now that I’m feeling better and dairy doesn’t bother me, it should be easier to find decent recipes.  If you have one, please send it my way!

  • Run a half marathon

If my body doesn’t agree with training for the CA Classic, I would at least like to finish a half marathon.  I’m hoping to do more, but I’m being conservative with this one.

  • Strength train

See stretch & foam rolling above.

  • Go on a vacation

Mike & I always talk about this, but never do it.  We need to get away even if it’s to the Pismo beach house.  We need to just do it.

  • Continue to control IBS symptoms

I’m finally feeling a lot better, but not 100% all of the time, so I’m going to continue to work with my GI doc and play with foods.  You guys are actually due for a post on this soon.

  • Avoid injuries

This one is self explanatory.

Other stuff:

I have even more little goals I didn’t post on here for the sake of space.  Like grow our savings account, continue to eat a balanced, healthy diet and explore more.  I just can’t help the Type A in me.

I’m all for making changes when you see fit, no need in waiting for the new year to do so, but I dig setting goals and being able to see them every day. I also make it a point to make them challenging, but also attainable.


Oh and since I’m very hands on so I made it interactive too.  Every time I complete a race, I get to move a little runner girl over to the “celebrate the finish” side.  Yes, I am 4.


The “wall of Gaylord” is now complete.


Now tell me some of your goals!!

How did you do you last years goals?


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  1. These are some great goals!! I love the inspiration board, I might do that myself!!! I used to go indoor rock climbing all the time, before I started running it was one of my favorite activities… Sadly I moved to a new place and have yet to find new rock climbing friends (thats the trouble with rock climbing, you need people to actually do it with you!) I convinced my fiance once, but he hasn’t been back since- Anyways, I think you will LOVE it!!

  2. Great goals! And your board is too cool!

    My goals are to continue healing, run a race with both of my daughters and explore new fitness classes.

  3. I love the visual of the board! And that you move your little runners to celebrate the finish! Fantastic motivation.

    This year (if I can stay injury free) I am aiming to run a 2hr 1/2, 1000 miles (may have been a little ambitious there), and push myself during my strength treaining. And a triathalon is tentative – today I got an urge to work that one out…so now I need to get a bike and figure out where I can swim since my gym doesn’t have a pool.

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