I outran the injury punks

Thank you all so much for encouragement on my last post.  I’m happy to know I’m not the only one fighting the injury punks.  Well, I’m not happy you guys are injured, but you know what I mean.  😉 

You definitely helped me keep going on my run this morning.

I ran around Google since I know it’s about a half a mile from my house.  Plus pedestrian friendly with a lot of sidewalk to cover.

Good morning Google headquarters.



It’s so beautiful there.  I started to wonder why I hardly ever run over there and then I realized it’s because there are a lot of stop lights & busy intersections to cross.  I don’t like to stop a lot when I run.  


I passed by several Google employees riding community bikes. 


I passed The Sports Page which has a beach volley ball court.  I would love to play there this spring.


This is one of the reasons we will never buy a house here.  That’s just insane!


I covered 4.50 pain free miles, which totally helped boost my confidence. 


Anyone else dig compression socks?  I sure am!


How is the cost of living where you live?

What type(s) of injuries are you dealing with?

How have you treated it/them?


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  1. I had problems last fall with both ankles, so I’ve been running very cautiously. I did physical therapy last fall and it really helped me a lot. Now I foam roll often, ice and listen to my body. It feels good to be back, but I’m nervous since I’ve got some races coming up and I don’t want to injure myself before. This area is insane in terms of housing costs. I long ago made a decision not to buy.

    • Great job taking it easy. I think that’s always a hard thing to do. Yeah, living up here is kind of a catch 22. If you rent forever, your throwing your money away, but a lot of people can’t afford to buy.

  2. YAY! I’m so glad you did it! Just make sure to stretch and foam roll to keep the injury punks away! That house in the picture? That is very similar in size to my husband and my first house although ours was about 100 square feet bigger. It cost us $142,000 and we sold it 3 years later for $148,000. Um, yeah.

  3. I’m just getting into compression. So far, love! I currently live a bit north from you, Sacramento. Luckily, housing up here is cheaper than in the bay. However, I grew up down there and know how crazy the market is. Congrats on a good run!

  4. luckily i am injury free! i think cross training and yoga really help. we live in hawaii so the cost of living is ridiculous but location location location. can’t beat the lifestyle.

  5. Hi, I just discovered your blog, and i really like it 🙂
    I’m so happy for you that made this run, good job!

    I live In Denmark, Scandinavia. I also enjoy running, and I plan on running my frist marathon in May. I haven’t had any injuries, however, I have been anaemic for some time, and this has affected my running a lot. I have changed my diet and I’m running much better now. It can be quite a challenge to run in my country during the wintertime with the cold. Right now it’s -5 degrees and I’m going out for run. I also recently started blogging, and I write most of my posts in English as well 🙂 http://blog30something.com

    • Compression socks rock! I can’t even imagine -5 weather. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that kind of weather. Extra points for you for running in it!

  6. That does look like a nice run, but I get you on hating the stop lights! It kills my mood! I live in Long Island, NY and houses are so much money- my fiance and I are just starting to look into buying a house and it sucks!!

    • It’s hard to get going again after stopping. I hear the cost of living in NY is even more expensive than the SF bay area. Good luck!

  7. I have those socks and they are my first pro-compression socks! I got them right before my first major injury since I became a runner so I have barely used them 🙁 I’ve been dealing with running knee for both of my legs. I have read it is because I increased my distance too quickly. So I am doing lots of leg raises and bodyweight squats during commercial breaks and I have been taking a few week hiatus from running but I am finally back out once or twice a week for a few miles. Taking it easy as I am building up muscle and support!
    As for cost of living, I recently just moved from Buffalo, NY to Columbus, OH. While considered both areas that are relatively inexpensive Columbus does cost more than Buffalo but it way prettier. On my runs I run by this fine piece of property – it’s a pipe dream but around the same price point as the one you shared 🙂


    • My knees ache if I run too far too fast. Ease up and keep strength training and I think you’ll be fine. 🙂
      P.S that house is amazing. I wouldn’t mind living in just 1 room.

  8. That house is the reason we left the Bay Area for the Central Valley 10 years ago….so expensive. But I totally miss living in the Bay. Tear.

  9. Look at you go Rockstar! I have those same socks. Love them and the color!

    Cost of living here is so much cheaper than West coast. One of the reasons I moved back.

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