My 2013 race schedule

Happy Friday!

I have officially dubbed 2013 as my racing come back year.  Let’s do it!

There are a lot of variables like where we’ll be living and keeping the injury punks away, so I only planned races through May.  I’m sure things will change here & there, but this is what I’m shooting for right now.



I was talking about my longish distance run anxiety earlier this week.  Well I think I found the cure!  I signed up for the Coyote Hills 10K.  It’s next Saturday. 

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I’ve been eyeing it for a while now and kind of secretly training for it.  I felt confident on my 4.5 mile run this week and I know I can do the 10K so I signed up.  I’m not looking to break any records, just to have a good time & finish.  Word on the street is this girl’s running it too.



I had such a wonderful time doing my first duathlon, the Mermaid Series in October, I’m really excited to start training for the South Bay Sprint duathlon in Morgan Hill.  I dig the 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run distance big time.  It’s not that hard, but still requires training.

South Bay Sprint   International Duathlons   Sunday  March 10  2013

While I’m doing fine training on the running end, I really need to hop on my bike. I’m hoping the weather continues to warm up.  Cycling in the cold is not the same as running. The faster I go, the more I freeze.  Anyone with me on this one?

Finally my main event.  Ahhhhh I am so stoked to train for the California Classic Weekend in Fresno, CA.


The California Classic Weekend

This is one of my very favorite races.  It’s challenging and takes a lot of training & commitment {for me at least} but it’s so so so much fun!  Plus any reason to go home is a good one in the book of Jacqueline.


I’m planning to do the mini metric (35 miles) bike race on Saturday and run the half marathon on Sunday. 


I am sure I’ll add in a few other smaller races in the mix to help build my training base, but I’m not ready to commit to those quite yet.  I’m still a little nervous with how my arch will hold up when I increase my mileage, so I’m going to build up extra slow and take my time.

I’m working on a post on how to stay motivated.  I would love to include your tips, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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What’s on your race calendar? 

What is your big race this season?

What’s your favorite distance?

The half marathon, hands down.  It’s enough that I have to train for, but not overwhelming. 


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  1. I’ll be at Coyote Hills doing the half! I have registered for a ton of races already this year (10 halfs!), crossing my fingers I won’t get injured! I like the diversity of your races, especially the idea of a duathlon! My race schedule really picks up in the fall, mostly because now-april is ski season and then there aren’t a lot of races i’ve seen may-july…. Good luck with training!! California Classic is where I got my PR ages ago (ah, the good ol’ days) so it has a special spot in my heart.

  2. I have a half marathon in April and a Marathon in May – my first one ever! It’s going to be a tough one, but I hope I will be well prepared and injurie free 🙂 I try to do lots of yoga to increase my flexibility. Running in combination with yoga makes such a huge difference for me. Sounds exciting with your upcoming runs. Good luck on the Coyote Hills!

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