Mike had to work today and I was feeling ambitious, so I tackled a project we’ve been wanting to do since we moved here.  Which was 7.5 months ago if anyone’s counting. 


I gathered all of the supplies.


I found the stick out back and used it to give the paint a good stir.  I also used trash bags to lay over the carpet.  Told ya I’m cheap. 


And painted the front door.


In between coats, I turned into a nutty, clean freak.  I love throwing things away.


Seriously, why do I have this many magazines!?

Oh hi mom, thanks for making me a fort.


Did you know you can fix just about anything with a butter knife, tweezers & q-tips? 

Those are my tools of choice.


Post afternoon nutty clean freak spree.


Oh how I love the lines in the carpet!!  Sorry, it’s that dang tourettes again.


Don’t get lost in our 800 square foot condo mmmkay.



I’m thinking about painting the cabinets and upgrading the counters (not a fan of the green at all) but that’s a huge undertaking.

I really want a Starbucks kitchen!

We shall see how ambitious I’m feeling.

Which probably means it will never happen. 

What was the last home improvement project you worked on?

What non tools do you use as tools?


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  1. I like the blue door! Pretty color.

    I haven’t done a home improvement project latey. Saving my energy for the big one. We are looking for a house to renovate this spring/summer.

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