Nerds take on Ikea

Good morning!! 

I am so excited Mike is off work today and have no idea what we are going to do.  So far we slept in & consumed a whole pot of coffee between the two of us.  Ha!

Anyway back to yesterday. 

After visiting the Computer History Museum and Google we went to Ikea.  The boy’s demanded our first stop be the snack bar to get sugar wasted.


Then we took the scenic route through the whole store.  It was very blissful.

I was looking for a bed skirt, but apparently it’s the one thing Ikea doesn’t carry??   I did find a nice grey throw to add a little color to our all white bed for $12.99.


Melissa is pretty much a genius when she to use the Dignitet wire set to display my race bib’s & bling.

DIGNITET Curtain wire   IKEA

Sold!  I also picked up 3 boxes of Riktig clips.


We headed to the Tied House Brewery in downtown Mountain View for dinner.


Please note, it’s dark outside & this grandma didn’t turn into a pumpkin.  I know.

Dinner was a little on the late side, in Jacqueline standards that is, so I kept it light with a bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup.


Plus stolen fries from Mike.  Hey, what’s mine is mine, what’s his is mine.  Right!?

I also tried a piece of Melissa’s fish & chips for the first time ever and actually liked it a lot.  It tasted how it smelled. 

Mike had a burger & didn’t care for it too much.  I think something’s wrong with that boy.


Gosh we had so much fun hanging out with M&M.  They had to head back home after dinner so we procrastinated by talking about life and a bunch of other stuff.  Then Mike got called into work for an emergency and that was the end of that.  Ha!

It was so refreshing to talk to friends who’s life values align with ours.  We feel like black sheep up here and definitely do not fit in.

Have you been to Ikea?

Do you display your race bibs & bling?  If yes, how?

Do you think your friends should agree (for the most part) with your life values?

For the most part, I do.  I also think it’s completely okay to disagree on things too, and when that happens, it exposes me to seeing things from a different angle. 

I will say, if I disagree on more than I agree, I’m more likely to distance myself. 


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  1. Love exploring the scenic route of Ikea! Awesome idea on how to hang your bibs & bling…please post pics when you get it finished!!

  2. I went to Ikea in Emeryville on Friday night and it was a breeze. That seems to be the best “off”time to go. I scrapbook and put my race bibs in the scrapbook.

    • Great question! I’d probably say something but I’m pretty outspoken and they would expect my unsolicited opinion. Ha!

  3. I’ve been eyeing a race bib/medal hanger on Etsy, but I’m too cheap to spend the $54. Maybe I will try the Ikea thing. Good idea!

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