After lounging around in our pj’s for way longer than I care to admit, we got ready and headed to lunch. 

Mike wanted to take me to a Japanese restaurant in Los Altos he visited last week and raved about, but turns out they are closed on Mondays.  Bummer. 
So I suggested a Japanese joint down the street. 

Line ‘em up.



We both had a bento box. I rolled with teriyaki chicken & Mike had the steak. Um, loved it and everyone was so friendly.


I may or may not have had ulterior motives with my seemingly innocent suggestion at said Japanese restaurant.

Either way there was a Starbucks a block down the street.


I’m so happy Mike loves coffee as much as I do and is willing to support my habit.

Then the bear suggested something really uncool, to put the top down and go for a scenic drive through the Los Altos hills.  One of our favorite things to do! 

It was 62 & I didn’t think cruising with the top down was very smart.


Turns out it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  Breathing in the crisp air was very freeing actually.   

It wasn’t very cold and he took it easy as we explored.  It was so beautiful.


Check out the entrance to a castle he worked on last week.  We couldn’t see it because of trees, but he said it was 25,000 square feet and worth about $45 million.  You can see more pics on it here.



It’s crazy how you can go from city/traffic jams/craziness to peaceful countryside in minutes.

There were deer everywhere.  I think we saw around 6 through out the drive.  I just had this image of a deer jumping out of the bushes into our car.  At least my theory gave Mike a good laugh.  I was serious, people!


Topless & drinking iced coffee in January.  That’s how we roll.


We came home to let the Bam Bam out and chilled for a bit.  Then Mike had the great idea to hit up the mall. 

Don’t you just love fancy smelly soap!? 



What do you like to do when you don’t have plans?

Pretty much everything we did today.  Sometimes we like to go for a hike with Bam too.

Tell me something you fear.


What is your favorite scent?

I love pretty much anything coconut but also really like vanilla & cupcake.


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  1. my hubby & I had a similar day. 🙂 we spent the day at Glendale Galleria, lunch, hit up the 99 ranch market for treats, coffee & stopped for more treats at Sprouts. 🙂

    I’m with you on snakes!!

    love coconut, pear & apple scents. all the favorite fruits I like to eat as well! 🙂

  2. I LOVE that you suggest coffee after dinner. Hubs and I do the same things. People call us obsessed but honestly, they just don’t understand our LOVE for coffee. I mean, it really is love. ;). Fun post!

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