Guest post: Michelle’s weight loss journey

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Hello blog friends!!  Jacqueline here.  I’m nerdy excited to share with you a guest post from my childhood friend, Michelle.  We go way back & I have so many wonderful (and funny) memories of growing up with her along with her 2 sisters. 

Eventually we moved out to the sticks and we lost touch.  I was stoked the day I got a message on Facebook from her and reconnect a few years ago.  She posts about her weight loss journey and I think her story is amazing and maybe it might be encouraging & inspiring to some of my readers, so I asked her if she was interested in sharing it with you guys.  I’m so happy she agreed! 

Thank you Michelle for keeping it real and promoting weight loss in a healthy way through diet & an active lifestyle! 


A little about my weight history  I was once a size 16 at 5 feet 2 inches after having 2 kids never ate healthy just ate what tasted good! I somehow got down to a 14 a very fitted & tight 14 I might add….and have been a 14 for as long as I can remember….  2 years ago my work encouraged a ‘biggest loser” program which in the end resulted in money as the jackpot !! My team won that year although my contribution was  a 17 lb loss I  gained it ALL back when the contest was over.. Ok so you want to know how I lost that weight and WHY or HOW I gained it back … Here it is the truth in black & white… Although I walked 30 minutes 3 days a week the ONLY change I made in my eating habits was, well.. NOT EATING. Worse way to lose weight, I was taking an appetite suppressant to curve my hunger and in turn I lost “weight” what they don’t tell you is you lose muscle not FAT. As soon as you are off the stuff weeks later you are starving and eating everything in sight! Hence I gained it ALL back…. So back to my tight 14′s faster than you can say supercalifragalisticexpialidocious!!!! 

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July-September  2011 – Devastated my life by losing my BESTEST cousin in the whole world, Robert “Bobby” Cantu AKA BFC ( best freaking cousin)… He got sick and it happened so fast that there was no time to really understand a dang thing….. No time to mourn right away because of the shock I think I was in….. The months went by and September 2011 hit at this point I was in a very sad state of mind from within, after months i STILL couldn’t believe this had happened and if it affected me this much I can only imagine what his sister & my aunt were going through…. BUT I knew I had to snap out of it… I know death is apart of our lives , the truth is it will happen to all of us eventually and my belief is when the elder pass it is sad but for what it is worth at least you know they lived a very long life, they had many experiences.. However my cousin was only 32 years old and although he definitely lived life to the fullest it just wasn’t long enough….  Ok ok why is this relevant? That day in September when I KNEW I had to do something to get my head out of the shock state was the day I told my hubby I was going to go out for a walk…..I walked for 45 minutes with my earphones up as high as they could go without busting an eardrum I started to pick up my pace and it hit me.. I should run, I wonder if I could? I hadn’t ever ran in my life but hey I see people doing it all the time, So there I went I picked up the pace and darted off…. oh don’t get excited it lasted nearly 30 seconds before i was gasping for air…. I was like ok never mind that…. 

It wasn’t the end though , but it was my beginning. That very same night i went home hopped on the laptop to do some research on running, losing weight etc. I came across a website called My Fitness Pal I looked around the site and wondered what it was. Turns out it was “diary” for weight loss, utilized for calorie counting, exercise logging and of course support from a million other people trying to accomplish the same exact thing…. WEIGHT LOSS, HEALTHY LIVING, LIFE LONGEVITY! The sign up is totally FREE and still is! The very first blog I read talked about an Android/iPhone app called couch to 5k, a  program that gets your butt up off the couch & running a 5k in 9 weeks! So right away I grabbed my iPhone and download that baby eager to put the program into the play the very next day…..


If you are not familiar with the program it starts you off slow.  Always starting off with a 5 minute warm up walk it went something like this, week 1 run 60 seconds walk 2.5 minutes do that for 20 minutes 3 days a week, week 2 was the same,  week 3 run 90 second walk 1.5 minutes for 20 minutes 3x a week  small increases of running each week until you get to week 6 where you are going to run for 20 minutes straight….. My first week was a living hell, running 60 seconds at a slow jog was torture to my lungs!!  But I didn’t give up I pushed through by week 2 I had mastered the 60 second jog……. I know i repeated  week 3 twice well because it allows you to do so if you needed it, and sadly I did….. By the time i got to week 4 it was run for 3 minutes, i was skeptical and was already doubting my ability to  complete the small to some but VERY HUGE task to me task. When the warm up was done it prompted me to jog I began my slow paced jog kept my head up and mind on the music blasting in my ears… I didn’t I kept going waiting for it waiting for the prompt to walk and it seemed like a million minutes I was like no way i can keep going… then i started to chant keep going it’s not that long it’s going to end any second just keep going and FINALLY the prompt…. but I did it.. I was so happy for a 3 minute jog coming from a girl who only ever ran if a dog was chasing me or i was trying to flag down the ice cream truck!! 

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That night at home i also realized that I had been so focused on this running business, the fact that I had accomplished something & I felt happy about it  & that I allowed my mind to drift away from the sad & confusing emotions of losing my cousin …. that night i thought OMG if Bobby was here he’d be laughing his butt off at my chant but would also be waiting for me at the finish line with a glass of wine in hand to celebrate my very small victory!! That night, I found my mojo…… 

My Fitness Pal played a huge part in my success to keep moving forward, I was religiously logging my food intake and what does that do for you folks?? It shows you all the calories, all the fat, carbs, all the sugar , cholesterol, sodium you take in on a daily basis, shows you the lack of protein, lack of vitamins lack of Iron basically if you were eating like me it shows you the torture you are putting your body through. After a month of logging I saw my intake and was shocked!! seeing it like that was an eye opener. Now with my dad being diabetic I knew that was not the path I wanted to travel down so I did make yet another change….. I changed my eating habits .. Now I didn’t go all gung ho first things first NO soda….  along with my C25K program and No soda I lost my first 10 lbs!!!!!!!!  Hip Hip Hooray!!!! 

November 2011- Uber happy that I completed the 9 week c25k program I ran the 3.1 (5k) in 38 minutes…. It was a true struggle but when you get to that week 6 and you are able to run for 20 minutes it is such an overwhelming feeling of pride!!!!  But now I was like what’s next???  I am not a runner to just go out & run on my own I need direction…. so a week went by and i was still calorie counting but also trying to figure out what I needed to do from here on out… then oh joy the holidays arrived!!!  The time changed I had so many excuses and then the big hitter all the Holiday food & junk!!!! Let’s just skip the gruesome details and jump right into January and my 4 lb gain!

photo 3

January 2012- 8 lbs loss…. I started to complain I needed to do SOMETHING to stop the weight gain , I couldn’t really run still because my work hours were insane and my hubby would not (still does not) like me to run in the dark. SO he bought me an elliptical!!!!! YUP I had a dream machine of my own to utilize indoors….  I got home from work to find my machine all set up and I threw on some shorts & sneakers and went at it… BIG HAAA just because you accomplished a 9 week running program doesn’t make you superwoman…. The elliptical was a new challenge all on it’s own…. I went 5 minutes and was like holy moly this is HARD…. so what did I do? I treated it like the c25k program little by little each week, increase my time by week until i was busting 30-40 minute workouts on it..!!! Bam another accomplishment and guess what?? Another 7 lb loss!!

I can continue to break down the rollercoaster ride for the rest of 2012 but I will not torture you….  I do however want to tell you my current status….. I started my weight loss journey at a very tight size 14, xl tops even a shoe size 8… I weighed 176 lbs… again being 5 foot 2 inches and top heavy wasn’t the best look for me…. I am now a size 10, shirt size medium (some larges), shoe size 7, and I weigh 151 lbs….. I can run a 5k in 33 minutes and have ran 3 so far , I enjoy running outdoors at least 3x a week (weather permitting) I have gym membership and I am a regular…


I have not met my goal weight….140 and more than anything i want to be TONED. If you have children you know that your body is never the same after and well, mine did a 360 on me….. People tell me now how great I look and I have really learned to take the compliment but the real challenge for me is … I want to look & feel good NAKED! There I said it…. it’s truth….

The best thing you can do, is challenge yourself daily, set small goals, attainable goals nothing too far fetched in the beginning because baby steps is the best way to go, you will never hear a story of someone who never ran a day in their life and woke up one day to run a marathon…. who are we, Forest Gump?  Secondly, you will need support! My husband is my biggest fan, and I am grateful to have that support from him, he encourages me, and on a bad day he tells me it’s OK. Once, again I will tell you MFP was a huge IS a huge part of my life, I have made many “friends” who support, encourage & never sabotage.

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I am currently training to run a 10k, It is my goal for 2013 it has taken me almost a year to really be able to run… hell exercise for that matter and truly ENJOY it….   Whether you are on a weigh loss journey, trying to become a runner, cyclist, hiker, weightlifter whatever it may be, it will be a journey that in the end YOU will be proud of, because no one ever regrets making their life BETTER!

Thanks for reading..

I can be found on MYFITNESSPAL for more blog entries.  Click on the link or enter my username, Chellygarcia

There are so many myths about weight loss, diets, magic pills and weightloss secrets, but there is only one reality.  SO let me ask you this:

What are the myths you have heard about weight loss?
Ever try a fad diet? results? did you maintain?
What is your biggest challenge in starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle?


If you have an inspiring fitness story, I would love read & post it here on SCB, so send it to

It doesn’t have to be weight loss, any kind of fitness journey!!


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