Sometimes I wonder about myself

When I opened the blinds and saw this sunrise, I grabbed my iPhone, flung open the back door and ran into the cold in my pj’s and homeless hair to snap this.


It was worth it don’t ya think?

Meanwhile, others of us snoozed the morning away…


I love going to Target on Mondays.  There are no lines or screaming kids and no one in my way.  I feel like a celebrity who has the whole store to themselves. 

I also love my mid-morning coffee.  I want to marry it one day.  After Michael Buble of course. 

It was so gorgeous out I had a mini photo shoot with it.


Sometime’s I wonder about myself…



Oh remember I had bacon in my purse last week?  Well here’s what’s in my purse this week.


The city of San Jose will not get my 10 cents for a bag.  Well the money actually goes to the store, but San Jose passed the dumb law.  Whatev.

I’ve been on my feet a lot the last 4 days and they are feeling a little tight & sore, so I made an extra effort to rest as much as I could today.  <Translation//: Jacqueline is tired of making stupid mistakes like running too much, too fast and getting injured.  She may actually becoming an adult for once in her little life.//End of translation.>


What was the last smart thing you did for yourself?

Do you have something random in your purse?


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  1. OMG if I could marry coffee, I would in a heartbeat!! Great minds think alike I guess. 🙂 and I love the Starbucks photo shoot, very nice! 🙂

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