Cool tools to enhance your blog

I’m a nerd, so you can imagine my excitement when I see a new app or gadget to play with. 

Maybe your a bit of a geek like me and get excited about the simple things too, so here are a two really cool techy things I recently found.

Marksta app for the iPhone

This app allows you to watermark images from you phone.


It comes preloaded with the copyright, hashtag (#) and @ symbols to brand & watermark your photos.


Check out Kludgy Mom’s tutorial.  It’s very helpful and is actually the reason I shelled out a little cash for the app.  It’s the second app I’ve ever bought and I’m cheap, remember!?  🙂


Katy’s 28 Day Blog Challenge  28dbc-logo-e1358001982556 

I’m stoked about this challenge!!

If your not familiar to Katy, she’s the founder of the famous #fitblog chat on Twitter and is a social media guru that is super friendly & helpful. I would recommend her blog to anyone who wants to improve their blog and/or is into social media.

Here are the details from her blog.

Mark Your Calendars  28 Day Blog Challenge  

I downloaded the Challenge Loop app and kinda hoping for February to come a little faster.

What’s your favorite social media/blogging app?

Anyone else doing the 28 day challenge?


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  1. Oh! I wish I had an iPhone! That app is something I need. Will have to check and see if there is something similar for Android. And I will definitely check out Katy! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting this! Like Tiffany, I need an Android version (I’m going to try iWatermark). I’m heading over to the Katy Widrick Challenge next!

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