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Cool tools to enhance your blog

Posted by on January 23, 2013

I’m a nerd, so you can imagine my excitement when I see a new app or gadget to play with. 

Maybe your a bit of a geek like me and get excited about the simple things too, so here are a two really cool techy things I recently found.

Marksta app for the iPhone

This app allows you to watermark images from you phone.


It comes preloaded with the copyright, hashtag (#) and @ symbols to brand & watermark your photos.


Check out Kludgy Mom’s tutorial.  It’s very helpful and is actually the reason I shelled out a little cash for the app.  It’s the second app I’ve ever bought and I’m cheap, remember!?  :)


Katy’s 28 Day Blog Challenge  28dbc-logo-e1358001982556 

I’m stoked about this challenge!!

If your not familiar to Katy, she’s the founder of the famous #fitblog chat on Twitter and is a social media guru that is super friendly & helpful. I would recommend her blog to anyone who wants to improve their blog and/or is into social media.

Here are the details from her blog.

Mark Your Calendars  28 Day Blog Challenge  

I downloaded the Challenge Loop app and kinda hoping for February to come a little faster.

What’s your favorite social media/blogging app?

Anyone else doing the 28 day challenge?


0 Responses to Cool tools to enhance your blog

  1. Tiffany

    Oh! I wish I had an iPhone! That app is something I need. Will have to check and see if there is something similar for Android. And I will definitely check out Katy! Thanks!

  2. apkussma

    Thanks for posting this! Like Tiffany, I need an Android version (I’m going to try iWatermark). I’m heading over to the Katy Widrick Challenge next!

  3. Maureenreen

    I’m doing the challenge! My blog is pretty puny right now so I’m looking forward to beefing it up!

  4. sweetlybalanced

    Nice!! I always forget to watermark my pictures on my blog! I’ll definitely have to take a peak at that challenge!

  5. Whine Less

    Sounds like a fun challenge to try!

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