The runners version of gangsta style

It’s packet pick up day for the Coyote Hills race. So along with a mandatory stop at Starbucks, I headed over to Sports Basement in Sunnyvale.  Bay area peeps this store is like Disneyland for all things running & sporting goods.


They put the packet pick up in the furthest corner of the building so you get to walk through isles of cool work out gear and stare at the most beautiful Mizuno’s that don’t “fit” your running style.


And cute running socks.  I mean, are these Thorlo Experia socks adorable or what!?  Maybe it’s the neon pink that caught my eye.  They were so expensive I wonder if they come with magical running powers?


I did eventually make it through the sparkly, neon forest of cuteness and managed to pick up my race packet without making one purchase. 

I don’t even know who I am any more.


I have to show you guys the race T-shirt, because unlike most of the one’s I’ve gotten in the past, this one’s super cute and actually a women’s fit.  No boxy, oversized fit here!


I’m wearing a small and it fits perfectly.  If I actually wore shirts with sleeves.  Ha! 

P.S I put jeans on so you guys could see the fit in normal people clothes. 


Don’t worry, post photo shoot I promptly put my stretchy sweat pants and Uggs back on.  I guess I do know who I am after all.


I’ve been sporting my Pro Compression socks all day in hopes they give my legs superhero powers come race day.

Oh and this is the runners version of gangsta style.


What kind of clothing do you dislike and everyone else seems to love?

Jeans, shirts with short sleeves & jackets.  I don’t even own a jacket.

Kinda random, but what do you do with your hair when you exercise?


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  1. I wear those Experia socks and they are like little marshmallows surrounding your feet. I love them! No blisters and they last! I normally buy them when they are buy 2 get one free.

  2. I definitely wouldn’t have made it through there without buying everything!!! I usually wear my hair in a ponytail when I workout- with a headband that causes little random spikes of hair to pop up through…

  3. That race shirt is adorable!

    I don’t like sweatpants or sweatshirts. I don’t own either of them. And hats just because they don’t look good on me.

    I always wear my hear in a ponytail when working out, And always with a bobby pin to hold my bangs back and a Bic Band (or ear-covering headband, if it’s cold). Except during yoga or Pilates. Ponytail on the back of my head doesn’t work. For those I usually do a side braid or two low braids.

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