Coyote Hills race 2013

Welp, I didn’t die on my first post injury race so I’d say it was a success.

I woke up on the sore side but feeling good.  At least my eyelashes don’t hurt.

Let’s get to the cool stuff shall we, the Coyote Hill’s race was beautiful.  I can’t even wrap my head around how incredible it was. 

I was cold and it started to sprinkle while I was waiting for the shuttle and thought to myself, this is crazy, the race sold out so it must be worth it, right?  The things us runners do… 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who negotiates with…myself. 

When we pulled into the Coyote Hill’s park, I knew exactly why.  It was so beautiful.


I started out really slow which was perfect for taking in everything around me.  For the first 3 miles my head just wasn’t into the race.  It was cold & windy, I was so thankful the view in the picture below was mine for pretty much the entire course.  The view was the only motivation I needed.

It was pretty humbling, actually.


Mile 4ish was when I finally fell into my groove and was sad about the race ending soon.    

I ran with my iPhone in my hand the entire time, which I never do, but I couldn’t help myself.  Hey I came to enjoy this race dang it! 

Sometimes I can’t believe I get to run in places like this.



You can’t see it in this picture, but the San Mateo bridge was off in the distance and planes were flying over us into SFO.  The nerd in me geeked out over the planes.


And finally to the finish line where I added mo’ race bling to my “wind chime” collection. 


P.S Thank you Billy for taking this pic.

This was my slowest 10K to date, but man I’m stoked to be able to do something I have a huge passion for. 

I placed 25 out of 51 in my age group.

Official time: 1:04:50


It was so cool to watch Janae cross the finish line.  She totally rocked the half!  That girl is so speedy, I swear she has rockets on her shoes.


I was so happy to run into Lauren and finally meet my virtual friend!!  Isn’t she adorable!?  She rocked the half too!


My thoughts overall:

  • This is not a race to PR at.  The first mile or so was very slow.  The trail was narrow and it took some time to thin out.  Plus it was a little hilly and if your lazy like me, you’ll want to save your energy for flat land.
  • Get to the shuttle extra early.  I got there 45 minutes early with a 1.9 mile ride in and made it with only 5 minutes to spare.  Whew.
  • If you take the Dumbarton bridge, don’t forget to bring $5 for the bridge trolls.  Not that I did that or anything. 
  • If you ever get a chance to do this race, DO IT! 
  • It was a little hilly, but not bad at all.  (I did the 10K)

What was your favorite course ever?  Why?

When do you plan to P.R?  What distance?


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  1. Awesome job Jacqueline, especially after injury!! I’m so happy I got to meet you – when can we hang out next?!?!?! Thanks for taking a photo by the way!

    Favorite course ever: City to Sea in San Luis Obispo for their 1/2 marathon… but I’m biased because that’s the town I went to college in and I love everything about SLO. Also you run to Pismo Beach and finish along an ocean bluff so that’s pretty legit.

    I need to pick a race to PR at… possibly San Jose RnR this fall. Truth is, I’m terrified of what it will take to actually pull that off!!

    p.s. I LOVE your headband.

    • I LOVE SLO!! If there was work there for my husband, we would so be there.
      I’ve been eyeing that half so maybe this year I’ll finally do it. Are you planning to run it?
      You will totally rock a half PR this year! You are speedy.
      Just sent emailed you my info!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I would love to do it someday!
    My favorite race so far was a relay here in Utah. Its in the fall and covers 54 miles through the mountains which are on fire with red, orange and gold leaves on the trees. So fun to do with a group of gals and gorgeous scenery.

  3. Congrats on a great run! You’ll be PRing in no time 🙂 Too bad I didn’t get chance to see you there! Hopefully another time. Any more races planned??

    Favorite course so far has to be the Big Sur 1/2 Marathon (ran it for the first time back in November), followed closely by the Big Sur 9 miler (I walk with my family). Such amazing breath taking views. The organizers are freaking on top of everything and the aid stations are frequent. LOVE Big Sur races. I truly suggest you try one of them.

    • I hear the same thing about Big Sur, I will have to check it out for sure!
      I’m planning on doing a duathlon in March, CA Classic in Fresno in May and probably a few others in between. What’s your next race? Maybe I’ll meet you out there!

  4. Wow! Looks like a beautiful race!! Always one of the best parts about running, getting to see amazing places like this one! I need to get out there and run a race! 🙂

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