And the meltdown begins…

Whoever decided to build a Chipotle and Starbucks right next to each other is brilliant on a whole new level.  I mean, it’s equivalent to putting a Starbucks in a Target.  The human mind amazes me.

Well the day started out well.  I mean when you put two of my favorite things together, how could the rest of your day not be great?


Oh wait, don’t answer that.


Then the husband meltdown began…


I knew it was bad when I looked over to see Bam shaking in the corner.  He’s not used to the crazy dude throwing his hat while yelling at the t.v. 

I joined Bam and took our minds off the volatile situation by taking some very unflattering pictures of us.


Your welcome.

Don’t worry, I used the only sharp knife we own to make this delicious fruit bowl so others of us didn’t use it for purposes it wasn’t made for.


Guess I’m not one of those eat local folks, as I also have mangos ripening on the counter.  I’m okay with this.

I enjoyed watching the game and like most of America, I love the Super Bowl commercials.  The Dodge Ram God made a farmer stole my heart. 

Other favorites:

  • Tide, Miracle stain
  • Taco Bell, Viva Young
  • Budweiser, Brotherhood

What was your favorite? 

I will say I liked Beyonce’s half time show and I’m not even a huge fan of her.  It kept my attention and I loved the energy.  I will say I thought it was a little too hot for the Super Bowl.

Now I shall console the brokenhearted.  Wish me luck.


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  1. Just wanted to say I am feeling your pain. My husband has been a Niner fan his whole life and is pretty pissy and grumpy tonight. I fear tomorrow will only be slightly better. The good news is we were at a friend’s house til the last 4 min of the game (kids broke down and we rushed home – thankfully a 2 min drive!) so he controlled his rage and anger til the end when we were home.

    • This just made me lol! I feel sorry for you, kiddos & husband all having a meltdown at the same time. Guess we’re looking forward to sending the husbands off to work tomorrow.

  2. Chipotle and Starbucks is like a dream for me.. Sometimes these similarities seriously make me wonder.. haha I didn’t get to see as many Super Bowl ads as I wanted to, I spent most of the time at my party chatting with people rather than watching the TV.

  3. We had a group at my house and 5 very unhappy guys by the end of the night. 🙁 They didn’t sulk and mope too long, but I know each of them were seriously bummed. Granted there were some obscenities thrown into some pillows to keep the kids from hearing. lol..

  4. OMG that Taco Bell one was my favorite, hands down, I was cracking up the whole time. I definitely teared up during the Budweiser one! So so good.

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