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Um, I kinda have an obsession with something other than coffee. I know.


Pro Compression socks!!  Not only do they promote a fast recovery after a long run or workout, they are super cute too.

Another thing I adore about PC is that they are a small American business.  That’s right, all products are made right here in the USA baby!!  I have a passion for working with small American businesses.


I like doing a little research about some of the products I buy and thought doing an interview with the founder, Eric would be a great way to get to know him and his business a little more.  My questions are in pink.

  • How was PC was created, what motivated you?  PC was created out of passion for sports and the common theme that compression can benefit professional and amateur athletes alike…in running, cross-fit, golf, cycling, travel and many other activities.
  • What set’s you apart from your competitors?  As a relatively small company, we 100% focused on customers. Customer feedback is key to improving our products and communicating in a way that meets their needs. And, PRO Compression socks are Made in the USA, which is unique and a big differentiator!
  • What do you do to stay active?  Regular training for triathlon competition: run, swim, bike. We’ve also been known to sneak out for golf from time to time.
  • Tell us a little about you.  Married, two young kids and the best “job” in the world.
  • What’s on your iPod?  Tim McGraw, George Strait, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Where do you see PC in the future?  We see more of the same for PC over the next five years, with the addition of new products like tights and other products in development.


Giveaway time!!  I contacted PC and asked if they would sponsor a giveaway to share the awesomness of their product with one lucky reader.  I wasn’t compensated or given a pair.  I simply wanted to share my love for this product and hook you guys up.

The winner will get to choose one pair from the following collections, Marathon socks, sleeves and Trainer Low in any color and size.

To enter leave me a comment telling me what you do to recover after a workout.

Extra entries if you:

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If your like me and can’t wait for the giveaway to end, I hooked you up with a coupon code.  Use SCB to score 40% off plus free shipping on all Marathon socks, sleeves and Trainer Low products.

PC Promo pic 8 .jpeg

The giveaway will be open until February 13 and the winner will be announced the 14th.  Just in time for Valentines Day!  <3

Happy training!!


173 Comments on “Pro Compression giveaway

  1. I love to drink a protein packed smoothie and take a hot shower. I think the hot shower is probably a winter thing since its weird how I can be drench with sweat but cold at the same time.

  2. LOVE! I generally recover by crying. Just kidding. Sort of. But most of the time I recover with a good long stretch routine. Because I need it. I love Pro Compression!

  3. Drink lots of water, hot shower and use Herbalife Restore before going to bed after a long run. Would love to try compression socks!

  4. Recovery is so important for me since my ankles and toes are the things that get the sorest for me. I do a warm foot soak and roll them out. LOVE your socks 🙂

  5. I wear compression sleeves when I run anything longer than 6 miles. For recovery after a long run, I do wear recovery compression socks and have lately been staying on top of my foam rolling and Stick rolling. That and yoga to stretch things out.

  6. I would love to try pro compression! After a workout, I definitely drink a protein packed shake and shower!
    I also tried to purchase a pair using the SCB but it didn’t seem to work. 🙁

  7. Yay for giveaways !! Ok so after a run my legs hurt the next day I usually stretch them out then apply Ice packs ! I give my legs a break until I’m ready to go again then I start off slow 🙂

    I emailed your blog & coupon offer code to my co-workers who ate also runners & I will gavebook it later … I’m at work ssshhhhh don’t tell !! Lol

    Happy running !!!!

    Chelly 🙂

  8. I’m a big fan of ProCompression! After a long run, if I didn’t run in my ProCompression socks, I’ll put them on and guzzle water. Then I’m usually starving!

  9. Oh & I don’t own pc but I think I NEED some !!!!

    I also re-pinned you on Pinterest ! I don’t have. Twitter acct ! Haaa

    Ok back to work !!

  10. For my recovery, hot shower or hot epsom salt bath. Really helps my muscles. I’m dying to try the compression socks though, so I hope I win!

  11. Last night, after my 4 mile run, I wore purple ProCompression socks to bed! I woke up feeling great and ran a little bit this morning. I also make sure to eat after a workout (carbs and protein!) and drink a TON of water.

  12. I like to take a hot shower then “hang” my legs. I’m pretty sure I heard that this doesn’t do anything after running but I think it does. I’ve been dying for a pair of pro compression socks!

  13. I love me some ProCompression! I always wear my PC tall socks after a long run or if my legs are feeling sore. I need a pair of sleeves though so I can wear them with my flip flops. I’m also interested in the low socks since finding good running socks that don’t wear out immediately is tough.

  14. For recovery after a workout I do a few things. First – I drink tons of water and eat some bananas. I usually stretch, take my dog out for a walk, stretch some more, and then put on my ProCompression socks! I just purchased a pair back in November but I am amazed and how much they help with my soreness. They allow me to get so much more out of my workout and cut my recovery time down so I can get back out there doing what I love!

    Have you run races with them? I have seen/read some people do and others don’t and I was wondering what your opinion on it?

  15. After long runs or speedwork, I drink a protein smoothie and take a hot shower! Judging from the other comments here, I can see I’m not the only one! 🙂 I’d love to try the Pro Compression socks!!

  16. I’m a fan of active recovery, inside and out! After a long run, and even after a serious Real Ryder spin class, I’ll pull on my PC socks, guzzle some nuun and eat almonds… all while being a bum and watching Bravo (embarrassed that i’m not embarrassed about that last part)

  17. After a long hard strenuous workout… I like to first great my kids and make sure daddy fed them while I was gone 🙂
    Then I get my recovery drink together… (I keep my compressions on) and drink my drink and ice my knees.
    And if I’m feeling extra motivated I roll 🙂
    Thanks for an awesome blog!
    Xoxo r.

  18. After a run, I always stretch and ice anything that’s sore. I also try to foam roll several days a week. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love Pro Compression socks for during and after runs.

  19. I drink a protein shake and use my Trigger Point to bust out any fussy knots in my legs and back.

  20. After a long run, I usually stretch, ice pack my legs and treat myself to a new piece of work out clothing if I hit a PR!

  21. I recover with a soy protein, banana & chia seed smoothie…and Pro Compression sock of course! 😉

  22. I normally lie on the sofa for as long as humanly possible to recover. I guess if I had more compression socks I wouldn’t have an excuse to do that! Also, I just got my grandmother a pair of compression sleeves, and she loves them. So random. She used to wear the hospital type sock ones but they “pinched her toes” so I got her some running calf sleeves and she LOVES them! So funny!

  23. I use my foam roller post runs and drink chocolate milk(before my coffee, lol).. Thanks for the chance to win.. I have been wanting to try the Pro Compression sock for sometime now..

  24. I always ice my knees & foam roll after my long runs…. then live in my compression socks for the next 2 days.

  25. I will be running my first half at the end of April. I keep reading about all these compression socks and want to get some but I just haven’t taken the plunge!

  26. I stretch really well and ice if I am feeling sore. Would love to try the marathon socks! Thanks for the give away!

  27. I love PC!! They are the only compression socks I own. The first thing I do after any run is stretch. Then, if the run is 10+ miles, I will wear PC socks, eat a protein bar followed by lots of water, and drink a giant cup of coffee…all while on the couch.

  28. I recover from a workout with a snack that’s high in protein and am often found hanging out in my Pro Compression socks!

  29. I recover with lots of foam rolling….and stretching, more foam rolling, and lots of water. I so very much want to try ProCompression! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  30. I follow both of you on Twitter…and just tweeted! (@mareavivama)

  31. After a recent knee injury, I foam roller and stretch my quads, hamstrings, and IT band for a min. of 5-10 min. I have learned my lesson from the “injury punks” as you call it and I do not want to go down that road again! I also wear PC socks!

  32. I wear my boring black compression socks, drink lots of water, and foam roll my calves. If I’m a really good girl, I treat myself to some good ol cho mo

  33. I love compression gear! I use the sleeves and the socks. For recovery I use the stick on my legs. It’s like this hard plastic rod with rings on it – helps to break up tight spots just like foam rolling. I also ice my shins with these neato calf sleeves that have built in ice packs!
    Would love to win a new pair of pro compression anything!!

  34. I love compression gear! Sadly, being the poor college kid that I am, I have to steal– ahem, I mean borrow, my brother’s compression sleeves after my long runs! I ALWAYS follow up a long run with a proper stretching routine as well.

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  36. For recovery, I stretch, walk it out, and eat a form of protein. Also showers or epsom salt baths are awesome. I have ONE pair of PC socks and I absolutely love them. Sometimes I wear them all day just because they feel so good on the shins. I wish I could buy one in every color… maybe one day. 🙂

  37. Ok, I also pinned on Pinterest, liked you on FB, and tweeted the giveway! +3

  38. My favorite way to recover from a long or hard run is laying on the floor with my legs leaning up against a wall. I would love to win some compression socks though!!!

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  40. I make a MASSIVE protein shake loaded with fruit! I stretch as well if I’m not being lazy.

  41. I drink a lot of water (or ideally gatorade/vitamin water) after I work out. I ten toward hypotension, so I have to be really careful about hydration!

  42. Hi! I generally stretch and shower icey water on my legs if it’s been a tough session. I’d love to add compression wear to the schedule as I build the miles during marathon training 😉

  43. normally for recovery i will where compression sleeves the next day, although i have never tried this brand – i would LOVE to! If my muscles are really sore I will use the stick and hit all of the trigger points by giving myself a self massage. Seems to work. Once or twice, on really sore days I have also done relaxation yoga…lots of stretching.
    I also shared this on my Facebook page here…. =)

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  45. After a long run I will usually put some pro compresssion socks on (love!), spend some quality time with my foam roller and whip up a protein smoothie!

  46. I love my Pro Compression marathon socks and usually slap some on after a long run. I also ice and use the dreaded foam roller.

  47. I had no idea pro compression manufactured in the USA! I loved that you interviewed the founder – so interesting to hear why he started the company and his vision for the future….

    To recover from hard runs or workouts, I usually grab some coffee and eat a quick snack with a punch of protein (or sugar! whoops). After half marathons, I always put on my compression socks and keep them on for at least 24 hours.

  48. I’m honestly the worst at recovering post-workout! I’m usually starving, so eating happens (but only whatever food I first come across, no correct protein/carb ratios here!), and occasionally some stretching, but even that may be done in the shower! Haha.. I really should change this:)

  49. I like to make a “healthy frappe” of black coffee, ice, and vanilla protein powder and then stretch and relax for a bit to recover.

  50. I love your site!!!! After a long run I usually stretch and foam roll..would lOve to add compression socks to the mix!!!!!
    I also liked you on FB!!!!

  51. i stretch and made sure to rest for one day if it was a really hard workout

  52. To recover post workout I drink cold water, refuel with one of the snacks I love (example banana with almond butter or greek yoghurt with almond butter and berries) and of course, I also use my pretty pink ProCompression socks!

  53. I love to lay on the grass and stretch while I watch my dog run around and chase birds!

  54. Drink a chocoloate coconut water, drink a Zippfizz and put on compression sleeves. I wear the PC low socks during the race and that helps too!

  55. I drink something in my water – Gatorade, a splash of juice, etc. – to ward off headaches.Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I’d love to try compression socks! I do lots of stretching exercises after running, followed sometimes by yoga or Wii Fitness Plus! 😉

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  58. I followed you on Pinterest and pinned your blog to my Inspirations! board.

  59. To recover after hard workouts, I always wear compression sleeves, put my feet vertically up a wall for about 10 minutes, or if especially sore, take an Epsom salt bath the day after! 🙂

  60. I make sure to eat something, and rest! Compression socks definitely help too!

  61. Stretching and the foam roller becomes my best friend and of course my compression socks!

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  63. I’m running between 30-40 km a week so I just stretch and stretch. I would love to try a pair of compression socks!

  64. I have been perfecting my post run yoga routine to help stretch me out, I also really love a nice Epsom salt bubble bath too! But I’m intrigued by the idea of compression socks to help

  65. Lots of water, stretching, and foam rolling. If I really want to be nice to myself, a protein smoothie 🙂

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