Answers to your questions & a “tip”

I guess my random tip from last nights post was…nothing.  Ha, total blonde moment over here. 

Don’t worry, here it is…

If your custom inserts squeak like mine did, I have a solution.  Well actually my podiatrist told me about it after he said“take them to the squeak doctor.”  <-so not joking. 


All you do is take the inserts out and sprinkle baby powder inside the shoe.  Put ‘em back in and your squeak free.  I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. 


No more sounding like a walking swing set.


Moving on, I wanted to answer a couple questions asked in the comment section & not skew the giveaway so I figured I’d do that here.

A few of you asked if I wear them on long runs.

I wore the sleeves for the first time yesterday on a 5 mile run and I was amazed at how great I felt during and after my longish (for me) run.  I feel great this morning so I can’t wait to see how I feel when I start running higher mileage.   

I use PC primarily post run and really do think they speed up the recovery process a bit.  I wore the Marathon socks one time on an 8 mile run and somehow ended up with a blister on the bottom of my foot. I can’t blame the socks, because I also took my brand new Mizuno’s for a spin at the same time.  I’ve been wearing them primarily for recovery, but after today I’m really interested to see how I do running in them.

Which ones do you wear?

I have both the these and and these in black.  I’m eyeing the sleeves in hot pink and white though.  I wear size XS because for my chicken legs. 

I have a feeling I’m going to dig the sleeves a little more because I can wear flip flops with them this summer.  I’m nerdy excited to check out the new the compression tights when they come out.

IMG_4312 IMG_4647

I’m having a problem using the SCB code on the PC site.

I think this is only happening with the black socks.  Last month they were the color of the month and so popular they sold out.  If your still having technical issues, email me at and I’ll see if I can work some magic for ya.

Reader Rachel asked: when you’re out on a run and your head or heart is really not that into it what do you do to get yourself motivated?

It’s funny you asked this, because I felt that way on my run yesterday.  My head was not into it the entire time.  It wasn’t a hard run or anything crazy, I was thinking about a million other things.  I’d say it just get out there and do it because that sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after will be totally worth it.

 I’m curious, what do you guys think?


I’m not known for being smart, but I can fake it fairly well so if you have question’s, I’m always happy to answer them.

Do you wear compression gear?

Do you think they help speed recovery?


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  1. I think my compression sleeves definitely helped keep what could be a bad ache away. i still get some aches in my calves, but wearing the recovery socks help along with the usual rolling. I do think the compression gear does speed recovery and help prevent minimal ache.

  2. Ohhh jeeeez is this a blond question?….. Is that ur insert and the insert that comes with the shoe in the picture? The reason I ask is cause I was just thinking on my long run for the week today geeeee whould I have more cushion if I put them both in!

    • Yep, I put my custom insert in & the one that comes with the shoe over it.
      Ha, don’t worry my life is a blonde moment!

  3. Thanks for answering my question!! I’m pretty new to running and I was having a hard time getting motivated last week, once I hit 2 miles I just wanted to quit, not because I was tired or couldn’t breath but my mind was just against me. I took your advice and just pushed through it though and completed a 5k yesterday morning in a downpour. The reward was chocolate though so it was well worth it 🙂 Thanks again!!

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