Momentum & come race with me!

Sometimes we find ourselves coming up with fantastic ideas for things we want to achieve.  Our brains overflow with ways to make them happen.  It’s exciting, new, fun and makes you feel happy to have something to work towards.


Then after a few weeks, the newness wears off, motivation slows down, life get’s in the way, maybe we don’t feel as passionate about it as before. 

We loose our momentum. 

I think keeping the momentum going is a huge part in making goals into reality. So here’s where I pretend to be smart and share my tips to keep you going:

  • Write it down and when you accomplish something, check it off.  Maybe put a check mark on your calendar for each day you workout.  If your a nerd like me, seeing a row full of check marks will make your day.
  • Remind yourself why you set the goal. 
  • Make sure you are being realistic. 
  • Celebrate your accomplishments.  Every time I complete a race, I move one of my runner girls over to the “Celebrate The Finish” side of my inspiration board. 


  • Don’t let your inspiration evaporate.  Find a running buddy, sign up for a race, read blogs, whatever keeps you inspired.  
  • Keep it in the front of your mind.  Don’t let yourself forget about it.
  • Drink coffee.  <-you should know by now this is always one of my life tips.
  • Nike got it right with “Just Do It.”  Even when your not feeling it, get out there and do it anyway.  This is a huge one for me. 

You can always check out this post for tips to stay motivated.

Speaking of signing up for a race, anyone want to do the Pinkest Run in Santa Cruz with me?  There are promises of coffee and dealing with my social awkwardness after.  😉

Santa Cruz March 17th  2013 8 00 AM The Pinkfest 10K   5K

I almost don’t want to tell you about my friend’s giveaway out of fear you lower my odds of winning, but I guess it’s too late now.  😉

I’d love for you to share your tips for keeping the momentum and motivation going!


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  1. Um a run. That has the color pink in it’s title. Clearly they are speaking to me. I am kind of obsessed with the color. My 6 year and I fight over this color. I have no shame fighting with a 6 year old.

    Great post girl!

  2. Gosh How I wish I could run with you in Santa Cruz…. Let me see what kind of sweet talking I can use to convince the hubby the drive would be worth it…. ha

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