Wine tasting in the San Francisco bay area

Good morning!  I hope y’all had a fantastic weekend and are off today to relax.

Before all of the fun yesterday, I did 20 minutes of strength training.  I can’t believe the HUGE difference this has made in my running so it’s pretty easy to get motivated to do it.


Let’s rewind to yesterday and prove to the world I can in fact do my hair, wear jeans and look semi decent.  I just choose not to 99.668% of my life.  Okay well I actually didn’t mind the jeans too bad so we’ll see if I dust them off again soon.

My date’s petty handsome himself if I might add.  🙂


I was never really into wine or even gone wine tasting, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  Mike & I were excited when our friends Simon & Reena invited us.  They know where all of the cool winery’s are and did not disappoint. 

Our first stop was Picchetti Bros. in Cupertino, CA.  


The whole entire estate is absolutely stunning.  I didn’t do the tasting here because I wanted to eat lunch first, but Mike, Simon & Reena really enjoyed the wine. 


We have plans to go back on a nice warm afternoon, have a picnic, buy a bottle of wine and take a stroll down this trail.  How nice does that sound!?


We stopped for sandwiches and headed back up the hill to Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA.


This winery was also very beautiful has the most incredible views of the bay. 

They also have an amphitheater and host outdoor concerts & other events.


I don’t usually drink, but I’m down with doing a few tastings.

If I didn’t document it, it didn’t happen, right?


This view!!


How awesome would it be to get married here.  Mike, can we please get married again!?!?


My favorite was their Chardonnay from Monterey County.  It was light & crisp.  It would be very refreshing to sip on a hot summer evening.  Dang I just sounded like I know what I’m talking about.  I don’t.


Our last stop was Savannah Chanelle in Saratoga, CA.


This winery is tucked away in the mountains and of course it’s beautiful too.  We loved walking into a live piano player.  It set the nice relaxed ambiance really well.


Apparently I like Chardonnay’s and didn’t even realize it, because this one from Santa Lucia Highlands was really good.


We all had such a great time there’s talk about making this a monthly thing.  Hopefully a trip to Napa will be involved too.


Have you ever gone wine tasting?

If your into wine, what’s you favorite kind? 


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  1. Pichetti is a great winery. Have heard great things about Mountain Winery but haven’t been. We usually hit up Napa, Sonoma, or Livermore. We got married in Livermore at a winery – it seems to be the lesser known wine region.

  2. I agree Livermore is the lesser known wine region, but there are many wineries out there in Santa Cruz and even down in Monterey County.

    I have been to the Mountain Winery before and my god it’s beautiful. We saw CCR in the amphitheater after an insanely delicious dinner on one of the patios. Such a fun experience.

    If you make it up to Sonoma, try Ledson Winery and Valley of the Moon winery. Those are my favorites up there 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the recommendations! We’ve been wanting to head up to Napa for a long time now. Guess we better get on it.

  3. How gorgeous!!! I went to a winery wedding in the fall, and it was to die for.

    I love wines, but I’m strictly a reds kind of girl. Malbec is my go-to favorite!

  4. That scenery is unreal! How lucky are you to be so close to all of that. I definitely get jealous of some of your instagram running scenery pics!

    I definitely enjoy a good glass of one. I’m down for trying anything but lately I really love a good glass of cabernet.

  5. Mountain Winery is the BEST place to see a concert! We almost had our wedding there, but booked another venue instead. 🙂

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