Blossom Trail 10K race

The Blossom Trail race is in Sanger, CA the first Saturday of March and goes through the countryside along grapevines, open green fields and fruit trees all in full bloom.  It’s really pretty.


I was happy to see one of my readers, Amanda.  This girl can fly!  I hope you rocked it, Amanda!!


I knew it was going to be a tough race because at mile 1 I was already looking for the first water station.  I stopped at every station and downed a full cup of water each time and still felt dehydrated.


Good thing the course is flat & fast with gorgeous views distract you from the crazy hot morning your running a 10K in.



This bay area chick was dying struggling round mile 4ish I slowed down and walked a few times but picked it back up and finished strong.


Official time: 1:01

17 out of 38 in my age group

This is also the same race where I got my current 10K PR.  Bahahaha!!  Seriously, how did I ever run that fast!?

I’m pretty happy with my effort and time all things considered.  I know what I’m capable of and it excites me to lay down the miles and work harder.  Training is what I love to do and I’m so happy to be running again.

I snapped this pic after the race.  Whoa welcome to the central valley, yo.


I rushed back to the hotel to shower, load up the car and check out on time.  And with one last stop at grandma’s, we headed home.

**Edited to add this is a fantastic small town race with awesome course support.  They had 3 water stations and the last one offered Gatorade.  It’s only $25 if you pre register and $35 the day of, which includes a t-shirt and chip timing.  It’s SCB approved!

I was so exhausted from my trip all I wanted was dinner, a bubble bath, and bed.  And to wear my new Pro Compression socks!!!!!!!!  This is how you recover in style.


Mike was so sweet and made a beef marinara sauce from scratch.  It was pretty freaking awesome.


What’s your 10K PR?

If you raced this weekend, how did it go?


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  1. That course sounds so pretty! I love races that go by vineyards. My 10k PR was set a few years ago at the San Jose Turkey Trot. It was probably below 30 degrees, so I ran so fast to finish and get back in the warm car!!

  2. Amen to what Lauren said about running through vineyards. We have both done the Salinas Half Marathon and it sure is a pretty race! This looks like an awesome course… minus the heat. Running in extreme heat or cold is the worst!

  3. I’ve only run one 10k last year, and my time was 57. Now that I’ve tackled the half marathon and sped up quite a bit, I’m running my second 10k in three weeks and hoping for a sub 53 PR!

  4. How fun!! I have never run a 10k! My first race ever was a 10 miler and have only ran one race that is shorter than that since then and it was a fun run! I had a 13 mile training run yesterday and that was all, it was a bit windy but its done!

  5. Awesome job! Wow, what a gorgeous course. I am jealous of your warm weather! I ran 13 on my treadmill this weekend, because I didn’t want to run outside in the FREEZING cold! I have a 10k race in a few weeks, and I’m hoping to get under an hour.
    You know I LOVE those socks! 🙂

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