Snapshot Sunday, exploring SF edition

I hope you had a nice Sunday!  It’s currently 9:00pm and I’m still up.  This time change may turn this grandma into a normal person.  Probably not.

Our weekly Sunday drive took us to San Francisco.  Not gonna lie, the warm, sunny day lured us there.  I’m okay with that.  🙂


We live about 40 miles south of the City so we took the scenic route there.  If you’re like us and want to see as much as you can, take Highway 9 (Saratoga Road) to Big Basin, turn right on Highway 35, A.K.A Skyline Boulevard to the 280.  I promise you will love me for telling you this and will want to send me a lifetime supply of coffee. 


You’ll also want to go topless if you have a convertible.  We’re talking about a car here, not literally.  You will go to jail and I’ll point and laugh at you in the obnoxious Simpsons laugh.


Mike wanted to visit Fort Point and it was absolutely incredible!  I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the City. 

Since I’m lame, I didn’t snap a picture of the outside, so I jacked the one below.

Golden_Gate_Bridge_and_Fort_Point_2009b (1) 


My favorite mother in law has a thing for lighthouses, so this one’s for her.  <3


Don’t do it honey, it’s not worth it…


From the top of Fort Point.  The views are to die for, especially on a clear day.  If you come to visit me, I would love to take you here. 


Oh my gosh, the sail boats out by Alcatraz!!  I can’t even. 


Because it’s totally normal to hang out under a bridge.  Totally.  If it helps, I have an emergency cookie wrapped in a napkin tucked safely a secret pocket inside my purse.  You never know when you might want one, right?  Right!? 


Moving on…

We stopped for lunch at The Grove, which rocked! 

I knew it would be good when I saw that Jeffrey Saad is the executive chef.  He’s been on a number of shows featured on the Food Network.  You can read more about him here.


After seeing a bunch of people order Arnold Palmers, I wanted to be a cool kid so I ordered one too.

This sucker was freaking awesome!  I’m gonna have to make them at home.


I rolled with the Philly cheese steak sandwich and Mike had the Steak Florentine, which he liked too.


Until next time, SF.


Have you ever visited SF?

What is your favorite place?  If you haven’t visited, what would you like to check out if you did?

Any bay area friends out there?


0 Comments on “Snapshot Sunday, exploring SF edition

  1. Ahh the Grove. Love their salads and guessing you went to the chestnut st location. We just moved out of sf and I have so many favorite sf things to do, it would be a long list. My immediate faves are…You guys should hike Lands End with your dog, it’s an amazing hike that is pretty easy. Go to Park tavern for dinner in north beach. Get an ice cream at bi rite in Dolores park.

    • Yes ma’am, we went to The Grove on Chestnut!
      Thank you so much for the recommendations. I’ll report back when we hit them up. Are you still in the bay area?

  2. oh man – I was introduced to Arnold Palmers in college and have been hooked ever since. Your pictures look amazing!

  3. Wow, what an incredible day you both had! Absolutely LOVE all the photos, especially the lighthouse and, more importantly, 2 of my rather short list of favorite people in the world. 😉

    • Awh I’m so happy you enjoyed them! Mike & I kept saying you & Doug would LOVE this place as we walked around. 🙂

  4. Ah, that drive is absolutely gorgeous on a clear day. Can see all around the Bay at the viewpoints 🙂 If you do the drive again, make a stop at the Thomas Fogharty winery. They have some good wines there and beautiful views.

    I haven’t been to Fort Point or the Grove, but I’ll keep them in mind when I go up there for the RnR SF in April. Actually, I migght be running around there for the race. . .

    Go to Alcatraz!

    • Thanks for the pointer! We heard the Mountain Diner is good too. Have you been there?
      Mike just mentioned the other day that we need to go to Alcatraz.

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