We are solar powered

When I’m not running, I try to take active rest days.  Sometimes I’ll do my strength exercises or take Bam for a walk.  Let’s be real, other times I just sit on the couch, surf the net watching Christmas movie’s.  It’s normal to watch Christmas movies all year.  Totally.

The weather was incredible yesterday.  That’s probably why the cost of living is so high, we have to live off coffee and bananas.  Oh wait, that’s probably just me.

I am starting to think I am solar powered because I want to live outside.  Does that make me sound like I want to be homeless?  Anyway it’s a good thing the Bam Bam feels the same way.


So yesterday we stayed outside much longer than usual.


Can we pause for a second and take note that I do in fact drink something other than coffee? I know.


Then we went for a nice, long walk around the hood.


And admired the most perfect lawns.


Seriously, I want to know how do they do it??  They must have “people.”


…feel that freedom on your face, breathe in all that open space…



I have more super fun, outdoor stuff planned for today.  I just can’t find it in myself to stay inside this time of year. 

Or ever.

Are you solar powered too?

What do you do on rest days?

What was the very best part of your week?


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  1. Sunday=rest day. Well, it’s 29 degrees and snowing in Utah right now. I may have to skip your outside pictures until I actually get to start enjoying spring!
    I need some lawn people, too!

  2. Rest days are usually Wednesday-gives me a chance to recharge my batteries in the middle of the week. Jealous of your beautiful weather-Ohio is still getting hit by snow and temps in the teens!

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