I am “that” person

Good morning!  I am trying to motivate myself to run 10 miles.  Anyone else getting in a long run this weekend?  Let’s be virtual running buddies!


Strength training

About 1.5 mile walk with Bam


Backing up to yesterday.  It was a pretty chill, lazy day.  On our way to take Bam to his favorite park  (it’s true, Bam has a favorite park) we made a pit stop at Starbucks.

I am totally “that” person and I am not sorry.


{Iced decaf grande Americano with classic, soy & extra ice in a venti cup}


Bam was so happy running around free like a hippie.


The allergy shot clearly worked.  He is 100% back to his normal, happy self.  Although it did make him a little drowsy, which is really odd to see Mr. crazy energy sleep a lot more than usual.

We also started adding Dinovite into his food.  We are hoping it makes a difference.


Our microwave went out the other day.  We bought it in October, so we took it back to Costco and picked up a new one.  Now I know why people have kids.  They can fit into tiny spaces and plug microwaves in.  They also carry your bags out to the car, take the trash out and take the dog outside when you are feeling lazy.  Wait, is that just me!?


Actually my Lu is always very helpful and loves it.  I am very lucky!!

After being lazy and eating way too much fro yo that gave me a belly ache, I decided to do something productive so I cleaned out my closet.  I gave Lu a few things and a put few others aside for Gina. Smile


Then our wild Friday night got even crazier.

Don’t knock Sponge Bob, yo.


What did you do last night?  Anything fun?

Anyone else running this weekend?


7 Comments on “I am “that” person

  1. Just found your blog…hurrah! I live near you, in Foster City. We’ve just been hiking in Edgewood Park, Redwood City. Looks like it’ll be fab for trail running…thought I’d pass the tip on!

    • I’m so happy you stopped by!! We used to live in Foster City, well technically San Mateo but very close. Right off Hillsdale & Norfolk. I think we hiked Edgewood park, it that the one that has an off leash area? Let me know if you ever need a hiking buddy!

      • I’d totally be up for a trail running buddy. You’re a bit faster than me but not ridiculously so! Edgewood had a leash policy, I think!!

  2. Ok it’s official…. I love stickin brazen racing….. Live in Brentwood and did another today!!! Love love love and so lucky to like in northern cal with our beautiful trails…. What an awesome morning to start Easter weekend!!!! Please join us! The snacks f worth it all! Lokololll

  3. Yesterday I did 15 trail miles and I am hoping to get another 10 in today. After my long run yesterday, I think it’s going to be hard to find the motivation today…maybe once I wake up a little more. Plus my dog is just staring at me like he knows I want to bail on him, ha. So I’m sure I’ll have to go through with it.

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