Easter 2013

Good morning!!  How was your weekend? 

We had a fantastic time, but it went by way too fast.  It’s a good thing I have a lot to look forward to!  My goals this week are to strength train, run a couple times, focus on healthy meals and hydrating to prepare for the San Luis Obispo half marathon this weekend.  I’m kind of stoked about it!


Our drive home was full of white puffy clouds, sunshine & open spaces.  Ahhhhh


The weatherman called for isolated thunder storms but we lucked out with this gorgeous weather all day.

Ma & pa had a potluck lunch.  The food was great as usual, but my pa’s “summer salad” was amazing.


Of course my little grandma made a banana pudding, my favorite.


My lunch, salad & my Korean fried rice which is a family favorite.  Both plates X’s 2.  This is another reason I love long runs, the food!!


My cousin made these cute little birds nest dessert.  I didn’t try them, but heard they were a hit.


This is how po’ people play Bingo.


I won a couple times, but gave all of my prizes away. Little grandma scored these cute flowers.  She has a green thumb and I’m pretty sure if I kept them, it would be a death sentence.


I just love my little grandma so  much.  <3


And my Lu too.  I miss that girl already.  I’m looking forward to going back in May and hanging out with them when I race the California Classic and summer vacation!


Others of us decided to chase squirrels and climb trees.


Don’t do it Bam…it’s not worth it…you have a lot to live for…


We just went home for the day and now I know why we never do quick trips.  I think we spent about 6 hours in the car, and traffic was brutal on the way back, but it was definitely worth seeing my family.

At least the drive home was entertaining.  We hit a huge thunder storm with lightening, hail & pouring rain.  We don’t get this kind of weather very often, so it’s pretty cool when we do.


Someone broke our dog because the stormy weather didn’t even phase him.


How do you prepare the week before a big race?

Tell me about your weekend.


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  1. omg i left a post the other day about trail running and I’m sooo embarrassed…..in stead of writing out the word “are” i meant to put an “R’ and typed an “F”….needless to say that was not meant to be derogatory…..please forgive lololol

  2. Sounds like a lovely family-filled Easter!

    I love watching a thunderstorm! That was one of the things I missed the most when we lived on the West Coast. We literally only heard thunder maybe once or twice a year there.

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