San Luis Obispo Half Marathon review

Saturday morning Mike & I drove to SLO and hit up the San Luis Obispo Marathon expo.  I finally got to meet Jeff from Pro Compression.  He’s a lot of fun and I can tell he’s passionate about his product.  We’ve been chatting via email for awhile now, so it was nice to put a face to the name. 


I hung out at the booth and encouraged runners to try PC.  I kind of in love my compression socks so I couldn’t help myself.  Then this pretty lady showed up to hang out too.  It was pretty much a party.


Then we picked up our race packets.  The expo was very easy to navigate and very organized.


The long sleeve tech T rocks!  I’ll definitely wear it.


Mike offered to BBQ tri-tip and invited Sarah, Jason & Marni over for dinner.  I baked potato’s and made a green salad because we all know I can’t cook.  I now have to find a way to convince Mike to move to the OC because they are to hang out with!

Anyway back to the race…it was an early wake up.  The half started at 6:30.  They had shuttles but being the heck of a guy Mike is, he dropped me off a couple blocks away.


The race started downtown and we ran along the main streets which was a lot of fun for me since I love love this town! 

If you ever get a chance to visit this area, I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s adorable, hip, fun and has a ton of character.

Then the course took us into the countryside along vineyards.  Watching the sunrise over the mountains was also incredible.


The beautiful course was a nice distraction from the rolling hills.  They were brutal for this wussmeister, flat land runner.


I went into this race with 2 goals.  To finish feeling good and looking back it was a good thing because I definitely took it easy on myself and walked when I needed to.  I usually like to push myself especially when racing, but I wasn’t going for a PR and this is my first post injury half, so it was really nice to take the self imposed pressure off. 


The last 5K was tough.  I ended up run/walking, but dang it I made it! 


Don’t let that smile fool you, I couldn’t wait to be done. 


Boom!!  Tell those injury punks to suck it!!


I tend to feel a little sick after running long distances so I walked around for a bit and finally sat down on the grass.  Mike came over and eventually I peeled myself off the grass to walk to the car and as soon as I got up I felt so sick.  Thankfully that feeling didn’t last long because it was not fun.   I stopped at every water station and downed at least 2 cups every time, but they had Fluid and I only train with Nuun & Gatorade so I didn’t want to chance a new drink during the race, so maybe I was running low on electrolytes? 

Official stats:

ChronoTrack Live    San Luis Obispo Marathon  Half Marathon   5K

For a new slowest half PR ever.  I am totally okay with this because I’m running again, yo!

Bam was disappointed he didn’t get to race so I let him wear my medal to cheer him up.


Good thing I had a couple hours to relax and recoup because this wimpy girl would not have made our lunch date with the girls.

Jasmine, Nicole, Sarah & moi.

photo (13)

We went to Firestone, which is awesome by the way.  Sarah had me at “huge salads & big bowls of fries.”  These girls are adorable and so much fun!  We had the best time talking about life & running.  Run nerds unite!

Thoughts about this race from SCB:

  • There were tons of water & aid stations.  I swear every time I started to get thirsty a water station appeared. Talk about awesome!
  • Course support was stellar.  I saw several roving medic’s on bicycles and motorcycles.
  • Train for hills.
  • Very organized.
  • Run this race!!

A HUGE thank you to Left Lane Sports for the bib and Pro Compression for sponsoring me to run this race!!  Also to Mike for getting up early on his vacation to be my shuttle, photographer, post race aid station and biggest fan!!  I’m still wondering how I got so lucky!?  And finally Jeff.  Without his brains and PT ninja skillz I am almost positive I would not be running right now.

What is your favorite race?  Why?


27 Comments on “San Luis Obispo Half Marathon review

  1. So much fun! Like you said, I NEED to come out and run with you ladies and hopefully I will be able to at some point! 🙂 Congrats on a great race!

  2. Looks like a beautiful course!! Congrats on your return to the 1/2 marathon 🙂 It looks like an absolutely beautiful course! And yes, hills need to be worked on. ugh. Bam is a great medal model btw 🙂

    My favorite course has to be Big Sur. The 1/2 is amazing, right along the coast. A few little hills, but after SF, I think I can tackle them.

  3. hi….congrats you must feel great! i have nightmares that i still have injuries and i wake up in COLD SWEATS!!!!! Have you thought about the mermaid run in fremont or your trail run MUST be a Brazen run the best ever!!! there r some down your way too….my girlies and i are doing quite a few this year come join us…

    • I did the Mermaid Du in Capitola last October & LOVED it! I’ll have to check out the one in Fremont. Are you running it? I also ran the Brazen’s Coyote Hill’s 10K in Jan. They know how to put on a race, right? Email me the races you guys are doing, I’d love to join you.

  4. Yay! Congrats on the race! You RAN which is awesome, who cares about time 😉 The course looked gorgeous!

  5. A big HURRAH for running your first half post-injury. Rockin it! I know how you feel about hills – NOT a fan. So happy for you to be back out there running and TOTALLY jealous of you and the run nerd gals 😉

  6. Aww yay I’m glad your first post-injury race was fun and pain free! The SLO scenery pictures make me miss that town so much! I hope you tried the fries at Firestones… they are my favorite fries in the world!

    p.s. Bam is TOO CUTE wearing your medal.

  7. Congratulation again on your first post-injury half, lady! You definitely know how to make a comeback ;-). And I need to get in on one of those dinners, just saying…And those Pro Compression folks are definitely keepers.

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  9. Congrats Jacqueline on your race!!! 🙂 The course def. sounds challenging but, beautiful! 🙂 Happy that you had a great time.

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