Our “fun” trip to nowhere…

On our first day of buttcation some of us slept in.


Since we are 4 we come up with our own words like buttsketti, Sweet buttomatoes and I am turdy fart.  (34)  You are welcome.

Moving on… if you’re ever in the Grover Beach area, I highly recommend Stacked.  This place rocks my face off. 

Funny story about how we found it…a couple years ago we were driving around looking for a place to have lunch.  The car in front of us had a sticker that said “follow me to Stacked” so we did.  Turns out it was the owner, Brad driving it so we told him our story.  Years later he still recognizes us!


I usually roll with the Tree Hugger, then screw it all up by adding turkey because that’s what I do.

Extra pickles after a long run is the best thing ever.  I love you salt! 


It was really windy out, up to 60 MPH gusts, so went on a drive to explore the area and ended up in Vandenberg AFB.  The drive there was incredibly beautiful.



Then my sweet husband had a great idea to take route 166 to Cuyama.  With promises of wild flowers, beautiful scenery and a cute apple orchard I was game.  56 not so straight miles later…


Even he said “I don’t know what I was thinking.”  Bam got car sick twice but that was probably because he drank an entire bowl of water.  Bahaha at least the drive wasn’t a total bust…


Enter 56 + 14 miles and we were back to Pismo Beach.  Oh well, we had a good laugh about it.  Smile


We let Bam run around and chase birds.  He loves the beach and kept wanting to play in the water, but the wicked wind didn’t make it appealing.  We’ll have to go back later this week.


The girls at Stacked told us about a new brewery next door called Manrock Brewery so Mike & I stopped in to check it out.


We were greeted by Deshia and Paige who were very welcoming and when I asked Mike about his thoughts on Manrock he said “great beer {okay he kind of yelled that} good people, no drama, an extremely relaxing place to hang.”

It’s family owned & operated and y’all know how much I love supporting those folks so definitely check it out if you’re in the area and love a good brew.

Even Bam was welcomed inside.  He was pretty happy about that.


More adventures to come, but first I’m off to get my fur did.

Do you make up your own words too?

If you’ve ever had a crappy vacation, please share!

What do you crave after a long run or hard workout?


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  1. For us, 2:30 is two-turdy. We’re in our early 30’s and still make up stupid words!

  2. I used to always crave baby carrots for some reason after long runs. I think I just like getting hydrating and apparently my body things carrots help?

    Your SLO run/trip look awesome. Lauren had maaaaajor race envy on Sunday and I think she would have preferred to be in her college town (SLO) instead of SF with me! Maybe next year we can both run it!

    And your trip to Firestones had me missing their fries. They are SO SO SO good. We always went to that restaurant or Woodstock Pizza whenever we visited Lauren. It always makes me wish that San Jose had a cute little downtown are like SLO.

    • Oh my gosh Firestone rocks!! Yes, we will all have to come back and run it next year.
      SLO is seriously my favorite town ever, it’s where Mike & I want to retire some day.
      You two rocked RNR SF!! You guys are incredible.

  3. It was great meeting you, Mike and, of course, Bam! Central Coast has it’s simplicities and I’m glad you got to enjoy some of them. Hope vacay was restful and c u soon!

    Deshia and the ManRock crew

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