Pismo Beach bum

Good morning!!  I hope you guys are having a great week.

I can’t believe how good I’ve felt since my half marathon on Sunday.  Don’t get me wrong, am a bit sore & tight but in the past I used to feel shredded for days.  Not this time!  After taking 2 days completely off of exercising to recover & play it safe, I’m more than ready to run & strength train today. 


Mike kind of forced me to get my hair done while we’re here because I was really loving Jacki’s work last time.  She’s part owner of Glo Salon and if I had the time, I could write forever about how awesome & sweet she is.  I love supporting local businesses.  Her husband owns a landscaping business, so these are definitely my kind of people. 

Plus I’m looking rather homeless with this mop.


She did not disappoint, because I left her salon feeling hawt and the husband’s in love with it too!!  I told her when I’m rich, I’m going to fly her to the bay every day to do my hair. 

Wait, that’s a total lie…I’ll be living here.

I hope you guys enjoy the fact that my hair is actually done because I will be rocking homeless hair tomorrow.  Running>doing my hair


She talked me into adding a little hair bling.  If you look closely you’ll see the hot pink strand.  I guess all the cool kids have these?


I have great news!!  Somehow I talked Mike into coming back to the beach every month or two to race and get my hair did.  Although I am stoked beyond belief, I am now questioning who I’m married to.  Winking smile  Anyone want to join me?

My hair took about 3 hours to do and I was more than ready for lunch so we went to Firestone again.  You can never go wrong with “huge salads & big bowls of fries.”

After lunch I was ready to move my legs and well, Bam is always game so we took him down to the beach to run around, chase birds & play in the ocean.


It was all fun & games until Mike accidently locked us out and I had to crawl through the doggie door.  I can’t lie about these things, folks.


Because my day was so stressful, I decided to lay out by the pool and relax.  Being on vacation is hard work.


We made it back out to the beach to catch the most beautiful sunset.


I am a sucker for watching the sunrise & sunsets.  <3  It’s totally my thing.


Bam got to run around and make friends on the beach again.  It’s a good thing he can’t read.


Mike wanted fro yo so we hit up a new place downtown, Pismo Yogurt.  When asked if he liked it he yelled “YES I DID.”  A bit dramatic if you ask me.


How long do you take off after a long race or tough workout?

When is your next vacation?  Where are you going?

Fill in the blank…I’d rather run than__________.


12 Comments on “Pismo Beach bum

  1. Gorgeous sunset! I love living by the water, too. I think my next vacation needs to be somewhere exotic – like Fiji or Tahiti….in my dreams, of course 😉

  2. Definitely rather run than do my hair.

    My dog ignores leash signs, too ;).

    My next vacation is going back home to Colorado in July! I’m running with my mom in her first half marathon (!) and then going backpacking for 4 days with one of my best friends. I can’t wait!

  3. Love that picture of Bam running on the beach. he’s flying!

    My legs were thrashed from Sundays race, I rested Monday and did yoga yesterday. Still a bit sore but thinking of hitting cycle class or more yoga 🙂

    I’d rather run than sit at my work desk all day.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to believe he’s almost 9!
      Stretching & yoga is magic for super sore running legs. You did the RNR SF half, right?

  4. Beautiful sunset & your hair looks awesome! I totally sacrifice a lot of junk in the mornings for a longer workout…washing my hair, doing the dishes, folding the laundry. Eh, it can all wait!

  5. We were going to go to Disney World in June, but now my SIL is pregnant and can’t go on the rides so that one out until next summer. Then we decided to go to Virginia Beach the last week in May, but now with my broken ankle, I don’t know where I’ll be physically at that point. So we’re not sure what we’re doing. Maybe go visit my best friend who just moved from Colorado to Oklahoma this week.

  6. I know this is old…but if you still check this …we work at a hair salon in Va beach (shear bliss off shore drive) and regularly do colors, balayage, etc, you can see some of the examples of what we do shearblissvb. com in our gallery, however, we wanted to comment…we found this looking for an example pic of a hair style somehow (it wasn’t actually what we were looking for…)…but we thought your hair dresser did a FANTASTIC JOB! Your hair looks REALLY GREAT HERE! If you are ever in the area and looking for a hair salon …check us out! We’d love to have you and you can book your appointment online.

  7. Wow! I found this looking for the EXACT same thing a year ago I see! Anyway, we still would love to have you (Shear Bliss Hair salon, Shore Drive in Virginia Beach) and have been doing some pretty awesome colors lately, melts and ombres, etc. Come check us out! shearblissvb.com

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