Beach day in Avila & wine tasting in Pismo

It’s official.  I am never going home.   

Well I wish that were true but nothing beats running in paradise.

I started in downtown Pismo Beach to Dinosaur Point in Shell Beach and back.  I’m pretty sure running with an ocean view would never get old.


I figured I’d do 3-5 miles depending on how I felt.  Turns out I felt great and could have kept going, but being the responsible runner that I am I stopped at 5.  I’m thinking that hilly half changed my perspective of hills because I used to struggle running this route and somehow it felt so much easier this time.

Bonus points for strength training on buttcation.  #dedicatedrunneryo


It was pretty cool to watch The Splash Café’s sign change.  If you’re ever in the area, pretty much everyone say’s this the place to go for clam chowder.  I’m not a chowder fan so you’ll just have to take their word for it.


We spent the afternoon with Mr. Pink skin crazy man Bam at the off leash dog beach in Avila Beach.


He was is doggie heaven as he ran around with overstimulated senses.  It was so fun to watch.  He couldn’t even handle it.  Ha!


Dude was wiped out the rest of the afternoon. 

Mission = accomplished


Come on dad, throw the ball…


While Bam recouped in the car, we walked around Avila Beach, which is so adorable.


One last stop at Pirates Cove, the nudy beach.  Ow ow!!  Don’t worry all clothes were kept on as we are too lazy to hike down there, plus nobody needs to see Mike’s butt.  Nobody. 

Anyway the views from the cliff’s are incredible!




Since we make good choices with our friends, Nicole invited us to Wine Down Wednesday at Red Carpet Winery in downtown Pismo.


We had a great time getting to know Nicole, Jasmine and their husbands over delicious wine and a lot of entertainment.  They put up with us and our lame jokes, so I already think they are super cool.  We should really come with a “not for the easily offended” warning label.  Winking smile

Red Carpet had snacks, a live band and even a comedian, Brett Riley who was hilarious.


Mike & I loved 50 Shades Chardonnay steel barrel.  I thought it was smooth, slightly sweet and had a peachy undertone to it.  <-Just pretend I know what I’m talking about.


Mike bought 2 bottles so I guess that means we kind of like it.


Kelly & Nicole invited us over after the event and the girls talked about blogs & racing.  We are looking to do a summer half marathon together.  I’m stoked!! 

Do you keep up with workouts on vacation?

Do you like doing destination races? 

If so, what are your requirements before you sign up?  Course, city, things to do?

Hill running: yay or nay?


10 Comments on “Beach day in Avila & wine tasting in Pismo

  1. My dog would think she’d died and gone to doggie heaven if she got to run on a beach. Unfortunately for her (and me) the closest she can get is the great salt lake which is gross and smelly. Someday, CA, someday!!
    Are you guys renting a house on your vacation? The dog door made me think its not a hotel. I need to visit this place someday!

  2. My dogs first trip to the ocean was this past summer and he LOVEEEDD it. Right off the bat I chucked a ball as far into the water as I could and he wasn’t even remotely phased by the wave that totally took him out.

    Hills are a yay…even though they are always slightly painful…they do get easier.

  3. The doggie beach in Santa Cruz is heaven for Lando. Over stimulation of everything. He was chasing balls thrown for other dogs and completely ignored his call back commands. -sigh- he loved it though.

    Totally jealous of you lovely vacation 🙂 Glad you are having a great time with though. Loving the photos. I totally want to do a beach run now.

  4. That winery is ADORABLE! I usually feel a lot more motivation to work out if my vacation is to somewhere scenic. If it wasn’t and I just had to suck it up and workout in hotel’s version of a gym I might find myself skipping more. But I’d kill for a vacation run with those gorgeous views!

  5. OMG everything looks amazing! I need a beach vacation soon! I love destination races, I did one in Key West in January and it was amazing! I have one coming up in Nashville, TN and I am SOoo looking forward to that one!

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