Claim your journey love & Morro Bay with Woody

I am feeling quite honored to be chosen Runner Of The Week by Claim Your Journey!!  Folks, I’m really not that cool, but thank you so much.  Click here to read more ramblings from moi.



I want you all to know my Starbucks addiction is alive & well while I’m on vacation.  Rest assured we’ve earned several gold stars since we got here.  Thought I’d mention this just in case you were worried.


We hung out in SLO for a bit and had a less than stellar lunch but my company, people watching & shopping made up for it.  Then we decided to go to Morro Bay.  I love hitting up the touristy spots before the weekend.


I was starving since I didn’t eat much of my lunch so we stopped at Giovanni’s.


When in Rome Morro Bay , you order chicken & chips.  Mike rolled with chowder & 2 pieces of fish which reminded him that he’s not a fan of fish.


I was ready to take on the afternoon after 2nd lunch so we walked around downtown.  It’s kind of a tradition to stop at Carousel for salt water taffy.  They have the biggest selection of flavors.  Strawberry cheesecake, chili mango, caramel apple…


Excuse me while I eat my way through this store.  #bellyupintaffy


I’m kind of in love with this shell spoon.  Too bad they don’t sell a whole set of them.


I did fall in love with these flip flops and rocked them right out of the store.


Then out of nowhere I hear Mike say “it’s the first time a cock has given you a b.j”  I look over and see this and about killed over from laughing so hard.  <-no additional pun intended.  I think.  Ha!


Hey you guys were warned he is not for the easily offended.  Winking smile

Since we’re on the subject, here’s Woody.


You are welcome.

What is the funniest thing you’ve heard all week?

Anyone set new years goals? 

How are they coming along?


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