I seriously don’t know how that happened

Yesterday morning Mike was like a little kid ready to leave for Disneyland.  I was feeling a little rushed to get things done so we could get on the road.

I think he wanted to live because he took me to the nearest Starbucks he could find.  Smart boy!


Hello beautiful Santa Barbara!!


We hung out on State Street and had lunch and wandered around aimlessly.


It was a beachy feel with tons of charm and character. 



Mike has always wanted a hat, so I we were happy he found one he likes and looks good on him!  Since we are dorks, we played tourists and walked out with new hats.


Except right as we were walking out the door I spotted a chocolate with blue hat just like the one we just bought.  Luckily the lady was super nice & let me exchange it.  #sometimesimindecisive #imokaywiththis

Then we walked along the pier.  It was a bit windy but warm enough to still eat ice cream.  Smile


There are a couple restaurants on the pier with awesome views I’d like to check out next time. 


Really, all of the views here are incredible!!  Can you tell I really, really love the beach? 


Instagram pic.

On our way back to pick up Bam, (he was at a dog resort in SLO) we stopped into Solvang.  I’ve heard a lot of neat things about it and had to check it out.


It’s a Swedish Village with tons of charm.  I guess that’s the theme for the week.  It was sunny & 80, perfectly warm to walk around.



I had to call in the desert expert for a little help.


After official conformation that I have arrived to the exact location, we entered into sugar heaven, The Solvang Bakery.


It was one of those tough life decisions I had to make, so I carefully choose the cream cheese croissant.  How can you go wrong with butter, cream cheese & sugar!?  Let’s just say I make really good decisions.

We wandered the streets and ran into the Loins Peak Vineyards for a little wine tasting.


Mike & I both really enjoyed the wine.


And Scott really made out time there even more enjoyable.  He got to know that I’m not a fan of reds, so he adjusting my tasting to whites & dessert wines. 


And the next thing I knew, we were official Lions Peak Winery club members.  I have no idea how that even happened.  Ha!

Mike signing over his little life.


Buttcation does weird things to you.  Or maybe it was the wine?  Either way we are going to have to make more friends and invite them over for dinner because we have 6 bottles.  Any takers?


Instagram pic.

I have a feeling we are going to remember this vacation for a long, long time.  I’ve had an incredible time hanging out with my man, roaming around beach towns, drinking wine, watching our happy Jack play on the beach and doing whatever we feel like doing.  Even if that means doing nothing but being beach bums all day.  Which is what we have planned for today. 

Tell me something you randomly did on vacation that you normally wouldn’t do!

Do you like to plan activities on vacation?

Not usually.  Sometimes we have an idea, for example we knew we wanted to go to Santa Barbara but that’s pretty much it.  We didn’t even plan which day we wanted to go or what we wanted to do there.  It’s so fun wandering around.


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  1. Just think, there are much worse things that could’ve happened 🙂 I completely understand, sometimes I do things on vacation that I normally wouldn’t do otherwise & think “oh goodness, what did I do?”. Ha! Last thing I did was was shop at Lulu after some wine, that kind of ended well for my wardrobe but not my wallet!

  2. I am SUCH a vacation planner, but this past trip I only had a few places we HAD to stop at. It was so much fun!

  3. Aww, beautiful! Really seems like you two (three) knows how to enjoy life. Love it!
    Santa Barbara and Solvang were some of the first places I saw when I came to visit the US for the first time.. Oh, sweet memories! 🙂

  4. I want to go to those beautiful places! Super cute hats. Makes me want one.

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