Getting back to normal

Good morning!

Mike & I made it back to the bay Monday evening.  Not willingly, but someone has one of those things called a job.

After a long, incredible vacation and the sadness in Boston, I figured the best thing we could do is to try and get back to normal.  At least as close as possible.  So yesterday I did a 3.25 mile #runforboston


I ran around the Google campus and stopped for water, then I looked up I noticed the trees were all in bloom.  They still looked bare the last time I ran here.  What a difference 9 day’s make, uh!



Simply beautiful!


I am so over eating out, but expired hot dogs with a side of expired sour cream didn’t sound so appealing, so we went to Sweet Tomato’s for lunch.  A huge salad was exactly what I was craving. 

After lunch we went to Trader Joe’s and did a huge (for us) shop.


Their fresh fruit selection wasn’t appealing to me, so we went to Whole Foods for strawberries & mangos.  I guess that makes me a fruit snob because I’m willing to pay a premium (to a point) for it. 


Then I spend some time in the kitchen.  I made fresh guacamole.


And a cold Bacon Feta Quinoa salad while Mike grilled cajun chicken.  He made a little extra for the rest of the week.  What a guy!


Then seeing that my favorite coffee shop, Starbucks followed me on Twitter made my day!!  I think they know where the party’s at!  Winking smile


What does getting back to normal mean for you?

Tell me something simple that made your day!


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  1. I am 100% jealous of your weather. I want to be able to go on long runs outside! We are suppose to get another foot of snow today/tomorrow.

    Enjoy being outside for all of us who are stuck in frigid weather.

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