A girl, her Jack Russell, a coffee cup and critters

It’s Friday!!  That means Mike will be home for 2 whole days and I get to pick on him the entire time.  In my defense that boy committed the ultimate crime; he ate all of the Golden Oreos and didn’t tell me. He was told not to come home without them and what do ya know, he came home empty handed.  So now he shall pay.  Muhahaha 


Have you ever got ready to run, then lacked the motivation to get out the door?  Well if that’s you, I have the perfect fix.


  Ask your Instagram friends for help.




Yeah, they pretty much rock my face off!!  Thanks to the motivation from my IG friends, I did a 4 mile run around Google. 


I love the gram so much. I have found some really awesome virtual and real life friends through it. I’m pretty sure if I posted that on Facebook I would have heard crickets. Winking smile 


We have a critter problem.  It must be that time of year because I swear they are all out to get me.  Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic here.  Maybe.

Let’s start with Tuesday evening:

Me: There’s a mosquito trapped by your shaving cream.
Mike: Um hum.
Me: Can you take care of it? I don’t want him to suffer. I don’t mind if he dies or fly’s free outside, just not inside the house.
Mike: Who are you?? Since when did you become this person?? No, really who are you??
Man, I’m trying to be nicer dang it.

Mike was nice & took him out of misery.


Now, why is Mike’s coffee cup in the middle of the living room floor you ask? 


This might help…


So lets back up to the beginning.  You see, I’m typically not a freaker outer.  So when I was sitting on the couch, I caught this critter running across the carpet out of the corner of my eye and the first thing I saw was Mike’s coffee cup.  I quickly grabbed it and put it over the fat spider.  Seriously, it was really fat!

Then I sent a text to Mike about our little situation.

Eventually I put my shoes on and lifted up the cup to end the suffering.  Of course the dang spider started running so I put the cup over it again to prepare for battle.  Then I noticed several sand like things on the carpet and realized they were spider babies!!  Tons of them!  Ewwwwwwww

Insert freaker outer status as Bam & I ran to the kitchen looking at each other trying to find bug spray.  Yes, Bam was happy to participate in this event.

No bug spray, but carpet cleaner did the job.  I promptly sprayed the whole area where they thankfully stayed then gave them a ride in the vacuum cleaner, then dumped it outside. 

So there you have it.  Adventures of a girl, her Jack Russell, a coffee cup and spiders.

How do you motivate yourself when your not feeling a run?

What freaks you out?

When was the last time you freaked out?  What was it over?


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  1. Eww, the whole spider and baby spider episode would have freaked.me.out. Mice really freak me out. We just had our first mouse (and hopefully last mouse) in our home that we’ve lived in for 15 years. 🙁 When I freak out, my Jack Russell, Bentley, just gets excited and runs all over with me! 😉

  2. OMG…I am literally LOL’ing right now (people are looking at me wondering what’s wrong with me)…when I am not motivated to run, I think of my dad that suddenly passed away almost 2 years ago, and how much he would love to still be here, so I go, because I am blessed to still be here and have the ability to do so

  3. Haha, bummer about the critter issue! I once had a raccoon living in my crawl space, I could hear it click-clacking around in the evening, it drove me insane! I always opt for the “…at least get something started..” motivation, usually I continue 🙂 Happy Friday!

  4. Ugh! I totally would have been freaking out over the spider babies. And mice 100% send me over the edge. I’m squirming just thinking about it.

  5. Oh dear! This makes me flash back to all the many spider sightings/killings in my house (which is backed up to woods!) and thinking that I never even thought to check for spider babies!!! Now I am super freaked out! Ummm…. are they pretty visible…like I would def see them whilst killing the spider???

    • I am sure you would have noticed them. I’ve never seen them before, so I’m sure you would have seen them if they were there. Plus I don’t think it’s a common thing since I’ve seen tons of spiders, but this was my first time seeing spider babies. Let’s hope it’s my last. Yuck.

  6. oh ew ew ew. that spider story makes me shudder. i freaked out over a spider on the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. my dog came to save me, but it took a little bit more screaming to get the husband over there. haha.

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