Why settle for mediocrity?

It’s the freakin’ weekend!  What are you guys up to?  Anyone racing?

I don’t normally post a whole lot about IBS, because I prefer to keep the blog focus on running, living life, and other random stuff I come up with.  But since I did the GI update post earlier this week it got me thinking about the 10%.   

While I’m feeling much, much better I also feel like I’m just settling on mediocrity.  I’m selling myself short of feeing 100% for no good reason.  I mean who want’s to go through life not feeling well 10% of the time if it can be prevented or managed, right!?


The only person who can make changes is well, me.  So I said “Self” (that’s what I call myself when I’m with myself) <- totally something my dad would say ha! it’s time for a change.

So I did some research and asked Cristin (she’s an RD) for a little help. 

Here’s what I came up with:

“Unfortunately, some people with IBS find that the “healthier” they eat, with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and milk, the worse they feel.” source

When I read the line above, I shook my head in agreement because I can completely relate to it.  But then my heart sunk a little because I knew I have to re-learn what a healthy diet means for me.  

It’s a good thing I love a good a challenge.

Yesterday I wandered through Whole Foods.  That place is amazing, how is it that I automatically feel healthier just walking into that store!?  I kind of want to live there.  Anyway I decided to try juicing again.  I stopped awhile back when I figured out fresh apples gave me a horrible stomachache and apples are the key ingredient for me.  I was ready to give them another try since it seems that I can now tolerate everything I couldn’t before.

The experiment: celery, a pink lady apple, a carrot & 1/2 lime.


It’s my favorite blend and I’m so happy to report that it sat really well on my stomach.  Whew. 

The nerd in me even calculated that it cost $1.66 to make.  Cheaper than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but don’t get any funny ideas, I’m not giving up my beloved coffee anytime soon.  Smile

I think juicing will help fill in the gaps with vitamins & nutrients I need while extracting the fiber in fresh produce.

A couple small changes I’m going to work on:

  • Juice several times a week.
  • Stick with white grains
  • Work on getting 15 grams of fiber per day.

In case you’re interested, here’s a couple resources (thank you Cristin!!) that I found really helpful.

Fiber content in common food portions

Low-residue fiber diet

IBS/Crohn’s friends, what works for you?  Please spill your secrets.

Do you juice?  What’s your favorite combo?


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  1. I am actually really excited that you can juice and be okay with your stomach and IBS, that is one for the win! I love to juice and never realized that ya you do lose a lot of the fiber BUT you are still getting some really great vitamins and nutrients, good share! Now I must go juice because I am a follower, happy weekend!

  2. Did the Salt Lake City half marathon last weekend. It was the coldest, rainiest weather. And today we have perfecly beautiful 70 degree weather. Go figure!!
    I loves to juice, too! This morning it was apple, orange, beet, ginger.

    • Well that figures. Ha! Congrats on the race and at least now you can enjoy the beautiful weekend. I’ll have to give beets a try soon. Do you just put them in raw? How many do you typically use?

  3. My doctor had me on the Repairvite by Thorne Research program to repair damage to my stomach and intestines due to food allergies. It made a huge difference very quickly. You might want to look into this as a way to give you system a rest and a chance to heal.

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