I want to know get to know you & blog link up!

Good morning!!  It feels like summer over here.  We’re expecting high 80’s this week.  How’s the weather where you are?

A dose of Tuesday inspiration for you!  My friends on Instagram seemed to like it, so I thought I’d share it with you too.


For those of you who “like” SCB on Facebook, I finally found an app to manage the page so expect more updates.  Whaoo!


I can’t believe I only have 2 weeks of solid training left before the California Classic.  Whew, where did the time go?

April turned out to be a pretty solid month of training.  I’m pretty sure I logged over 75 miles running & cycling combined which makes me so, so happy. 

Anyone else out there doing the Classic?

Yesterday the clock kept moving and I didn’t so by the time I got my act together for a ride it was hot out so I just did 7.25 miles.  Lesson learned, but I’m still happy I got out there.


So later in the afternoon, Bam decided he wanted to go for a walk in the hottest part of the day.  He’s usually pretty smart, but sometimes I wonder about him.



One thing I do like about living here it that it’s so pedestrian friendly and shady.  So basically an year round playground. 


I stopped to snap a picture of these flowers I was admiring and then Bam watered them.  Lovely.



I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys the cupcake story…


The other day I was sitting on Santana Row admiring my cupcake, snapping a few pics & this random guy walks up and says “hi I saw you from across the street and just had to meet you. Are you taking pictures for Instagram?”
Me: you can go away now.
Him: oh…okay…nice to meet you…
So I called Mike & told him the story & he says “well it was a good pick up line, you gotta admit.
Bahaha! Boys.

Really, why can’t I just eat my cupcake in peace!?   See, I’m really not as nice as you might think.  Winking smile 

What would you have done if that happened to you?

I’d love to get to know you guys more!  Tell me something about yourself.  Where do you live?  What do you do for a living?  What’s your favorite food?  Anything else you want to share!

Do you have a blog?  Link to it!


76 Comments on “I want to know get to know you & blog link up!

  1. I would have started talking to him and then said something totally off the wall to him just to throw him for a loop. I read your blog often and love your IG pics. I live in a Dallas Suburb and am an avid runner and coffee drinker and have a serious addiction to beets. I am a sporting good product educator (call on Sporting goods stores and make sure they know what they are selling) which is pretty much a dream job for me because who wouldn’t want to be in a sporting goods store every day? Happy Tuesday!!!

    • Great idea!! I’ll have to say something really odd next time. Ha! You have an awesome gig too. Thanks for stalking SCB. 🙂

  2. Bahahaha! I am so wary of strangers, too. I normally give them the stink eye for awhile when they talk to me, and then I feel really guilty if I end up getting to know them and they are super nice/normal. So, I’m not very nice, either!

    My blog is: http://www.rogue-runner.com! yay!

    • I need to try to do that next time. I never even saw him coming. I asked Mike what makes me look so approachable!? Bahaha! P.S I love stalking you on the IG!

  3. I saw that pic on IG this morning & took a screen shot of it, so very true about creating our own dream jobs! Don’t be surprised if I use the pic on my blog tomorrow (I’ll link to yours!), I’m at http://katieenpursuit.wordpress.com. That’s funny about the pick-up line, have to give him credit for being hip to the social media 🙂

  4. Love the pick up line!
    I live down in Ventura near the beach with my hubby and youngest daughter (oldest daughter has flown the coop). I work a very boring desk job as a civilian for the Navy. Running and yoga keep me sane! We have a Jack Russel named Zoe who is CRAZY and no where near as well-behaved as Bam. There is NO WAY we could let her off leash in public. I’m always amazed when you post pics of Bam running free–you’ve obviously done a great job training him 🙂

    • Thank you lady! Bam wears a shock collar when he’s off leash. We hardly ever use the shock since he’s learned it hurts over there but not next to his family. It also has a vibration like a cell phone that works really well. He is def true to his breed, stubborn. 😉 Mike was in the Navy, stationed out of IP back in the day. Thank you for your service!

  5. Haha too funny…that is exactly what Michelle would have said to him!

    About me…I live in London ( Canada, not England) and I work for the phone company. Coffee runs through my veins most of the day. I still haven’t figured out how to drink from the water stations on a race course. Most important fact about me though, I married my best friend nearly 13 years ago…the biggest blessing in my life.

    • I always stop and down 2 cups of water because I end up with it all down my shirt otherwise. 😉
      You two are adorable!! Love stalking you guys!

  6. Love your blog! Wow, original pick up line 🙂 I live in CT and I’m a behavioral therapist….I work with kids who have autism. I love that quote you posted! One day I will most certainly work for myself. Running is my semi-new passion…been at it for a few years but just started distance last summer. Can’t get enough!!

  7. That’s really funny– let her eat her cupcake! I’m pretty new to your blog and right now I can’t remember how I found you! And now that I have– I keep reading and find that you are inspiring and funny. I’m new to running and need all the inspiration I can get. 🙂 oh and I live in Santa Cruz…so pretty close to you! No worries– I’m totally normal! Momma of two boys, wife to a great hub and I sign up for races for motivation!! Enjoying your blog! Tina

    • Welcome! I love SC!! And Capitola. We’ll have to meet up next time I’m in the area. I like meeting “normal” people. 🙂

    • That’s funny I’m totally the oppisite. I’m socially awkward around chicks. I fit right in with guys. lol
      Great job getting in 14 miles! Who cares if it was inside. Way to rock it girl!

  8. I love your response to him!! Shut down! 🙂 I live in St. Louis and work for the city. My favorite food is peanut butter. A few years ago I never would have said that but after living in another country that didn’t have it readily available like the U.S. I discovered my true love.

    • Haha yes, total shut down! I have no shame. 😉
      I never would have guessed other countries don’t have PB. Who knew! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Ha, poor guy!

    I’m over at http://www.mtnsandmiles.blogspot.com

    I have a boring desk job at an AWESOME company (National Geographic), so it ends up evening out ;).

    Currently living in DC, but constantly yearning for the mountains back in Colorado where I’m from. I am enjoying the cooler 60-70 degree weather we are having – I think I would melt if I lived where you do.

    • I’m totally jealous of your job!! How cool is that!? Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one taking pictures??
      I’m from the Central Valley so the temps here are mild compared to the 100+ summers and horrible air quality. Ugh, no thanks. But I’ve learned, it’s all about prospective. 🙂 Thanks for stalking SCB!

  10. We have just started to get some nice weather here in London, On, Canada! Nice, meaning 65-70ish.. I would love to live in your climate! I am Rhoda from the 3CheapRunners gang! We all love reading your blog.

    • That’s fantastic weather!! Prime training weather might I add. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. Y’all make my day!!

  11. Love your blog! I am newer to the blog world at http://www.workfitout.wordpress.com

    I am currently in NC at a boring office job, but am moving up to NYC soon with my fiance and am going to try to get a job in the health and fitness industry! I am a runner but am currently dealing with Runner’s Knee and am trying to get back into running slowly but it is such an annoying and ongoing injury. I am hopeing everything works out with it and I run my second half and first marathon in the next year!

    • Welcome!! Major props to you for doing what makes you happy!! Happiness is a choice. 🙂
      Heading to stalk your blog now.

  12. Howdy! 🙂 I’m Marilyn, and I’m living in NY, eating loads of nut butter and working as a librarian. The last time someone hit on me was at work…by another employee! Who does that?! But the instagram line WAS sort of funny. 🙂

    • You’ll get a kick out of this…Mike & I used to work together. It’s actually how we met. Funny, right!? Yes that IG line was actually pretty creative.

  13. The cupcake story is funny! Leave a gal and her cupcake alone!:)

    I live in Northern California (Sacramento area) and it’s already in the mid-80s and supposed to reach high 90s by the end of the week! To top that off, I am about 5 months pregnant… with twins! It will be one hot summer for me:)

    I do health care research. I am stuck in front of a computer all day in my little dungeon, I mean cube. My favorite foods are more like guilty pleasures… anything fried or sweet. I may be confusing my all-time favorites with my current pregnancy cravings.

    Love your blog! What especially caught my eye when I first came across it is your first name – my husband and I have had your name picked out for one of our future babies!

    I blog at http://sharissespieces.com! I

    • How exciting, you’re having twins!! Will they be your first?
      I totally agree with everything fried. Fries, git in ma belly.
      I’m so happy you want name your little one Jacqueline. I thought it would be more common, but it’s really not. How will you spell it?
      Heading over to stalk your blog now.

  14. Haha funny story! Don’t men ever look to see if women have rings on before pulling their one liners? Rookies.

    I live in Chicago, and work in sports marketing. It pays the bills and has it’s exciting time, but I long to have a job where I am not locked up inside all day.

    Love your blog!

    I blog at http://www.fuelingstrong.com

  15. Haha! Nice. My favorite is when I am running and get hollered at by what appears to be a car full of highschoolers. 😛

    We hit 100+ twice this week. It requires a water belt for even the shortest (and slowest) of runs. Trade you. 🙂

    • Oh yes, add that to my list of pet peeves.
      I grew up in the Central Valley, where average summer temps are 100+ so sorry friend, no thanks. 😉 Do you run in the early mornings or evenings?

  16. Got some cat calls today from some guys in cars…but I remained a lady, and kept my finger to myself 😉
    You already know about my favourite foods…so hmmmm about me…I work in the bridal industry…and my favourite thing in the world to do, is to travel, and plan my next vacay! Where’s your favourite vacation spot?

    • Bahaha on keeping your finger to yourself. I doubt I’d have that much self control.
      I’m a horrible person to ask about traveling…I love it, but I hardly ever get a chance to. But if I could choose, I’d love to visit a nice warm beach. Where are you going on your next trip?

      • Taking a little long weekend away for our anniversary in June to Chicago, and then at the end of June, will be heading to Fort Myers…as far as next “big” vacay…that probably won’t be until February…and as long as it has a beach and the drinks are plentiful…I’m not too picky 🙂

  17. Hi! I am currently a SAHM with my girls and it is my best and favorite job ever 🙂 I love writing my blog too! But that doesn’t pay anything, just something fun I like to do. http://rundaniellarun.blogspot.com/

    Our weather has been ridic lately! SO NICE! It is like Oregon forgot it is Oregon and is trying to hang out with the cool kids from So Cal. No complaining though I am an early morning runner so the heat hasn’t affected any of my running plans yet.

    • You do have one of the best jobs ever!!
      Soak in every minute of this nice weather. Heading over to stalk your blog now!

  18. That’s hilarious! He def needs help in the ‘pick up’ area! Those flowers are gorgeous!
    I live in KY, we’ve had pretty nice weather lately, goihg to get hot this week though. I also have a home daycare. Someday would love to work in the fitness industry!
    I just ran a marathon. 🙂
    Here’s my blog! http://www.fromicecreamtomarathon.com

    • Whaaat you just ran a marathon!? I love that you’re like NBD! Congrats. I’m curious…what would you like to do in the fitness industry? I’m interested in doing that too but have no idea what to do besides being a PT or instructor.

  19. Hi, I’m new to your blog but like it a lot. I’m a runner also among other things. I forget how I found your blog, I think it was listed in someone else’s blogroll. I’m enjoying reading it.
    I’m a wildland firefighter and my blog is mostly about that, in addition to other random thoughts.

  20. Hi, if I comment twice I apologize, the first time didn’t seem to work.
    Love your blog. Just found it. I think I saw a link in someone else’s blogroll.
    My blog is: http://accidental-firefly.blogspot.com/
    It’s mostly about being a wildland firefighter and other ramblings.
    Happy running!

    • Welcome! I just rescued your comment out of spam jail. 🙂 Heading to check out your blog now. Have a great day!

  21. I probably would have just walked away from that dude…I can never think of a creative comeback until after the fact.
    I live in Santa Maria, Ca with my hubby and 27 month old running partner (because most of my runs include him and our BOB). I am an elementary school teacher and have been running for about 5 years. Just completed my first (and probably last) full marathon in SLO, but signed up for the half next year and will be running another half in October. I really wish I didn’t like to eat so much so that all the running I do would pay off in terms of lbs lost, but unfortunately I’m a glutton for punishment…pun intended!

    • Major props to you for running the full SLO marathon!! I ran the half and literally wondered for the last 5K how anyone could do the full. You guys are total rock stars in the book of SCB!!
      Mike & I love Santa Maria. Well pretty much everywhere along the central coast. I’m looking for a race either 10K or half this summer in that area, so if you know of one please let me know. Maybe I can talk you into running it with me. 😉

  22. Love that pickup line, I probably would have done something similar! I live in NY and work in advertising, still trying to figure out how to create my dream job though!! 🙂

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  24. I’m Jess from gorunjess.com. I’m writing about my journey to my first full marathon, which is coming up soon in Cleveland! I live on the east side of Cleveland and am a special education teacher. I am jealous of your beautiful weather! Not always so sunny here in Ohio.

    • Hi Jess! Welcome. I always take visitors if your ever in the bay area. 🙂 Checking out your blog now.

  25. I hate the random stupid comments. I usual say something equally stupid, like “my cat’s breath smells like cat food.”

    I’m running (interval-ing) the California Classic! Excited and nervous! I haven’t trained nearly enough.


  26. I live in Missouri! I work from home promoting agriculture conferences and love it! My favorite food is garden tomatoes with a little bit of salt OR Chevy’s salsa and chips (with a margarita – a mix with Grand Marnier, preferably!).

    I’ve run since I was in 8th grade, but our school didn’t have track so I just ran on the gravel roads around my house and loved it!

    • Oh how I love anything to do with the countryside, ag & dirt roads! Reminds me of home. Combines taking up 2 lane roads in the summer, harvest time…I’ll stop now. 😉 Okay I lied I love Chevy’s salsa too. Also Chili’s, have you tried theirs?

      • Good to hear that you’re a fellow ag + country lover. I don’t that I have tried Chili’s salsa, but I guess I need to now!

  27. I’m running the California Classic. My IT band is currently hurting so I don’t know how this half marathon is going to play out. If anything, I’m excited to run through the zoo.

    My parents live in Dinuba so it’s a good excuse to visit with them.


  28. This would be a great time to learn some random instagram handle. Times are a changin’ and I guess one no longer needs to have Pizza Huts phone number memorized……..it use to be so much easier to give someone pizza huts phone number, than your own. 🙂


  29. Love your pic about the dream job! I’m working on that. I enjoy reading your blog to see pictures of warm weather running and the fun you have. I’m definitely jealous of your weather! Near where I live got 7-8 inches of snow today and it was 30 degrees with wind. I can’t wait for blossoms and sunshine for days on days! Keep up the adventures.

    • Thank you!! Where do you live? I’ll have to send warmer weather your way. I mean it’s freaking May and all.

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