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You guys!!  I am loving your responses to yesterdays post.  Thank you all so much for sharing a little about yourself and leaving links to your blog so I can stalk you others can check it out.  If you haven’t linked up yet, head on over and do it! 


Today’s post is brought to you by yesterdays craptastic run. 

I really wasn’t feeling it at all, but just forced myself to do just 3 miles.  Heck if I can run a half marathon, I can at least do 3, right? 

Bahahaha….nope.  Okay so I did make it to 3 miles but my legs and arms felt like lead and I just felt weird the whole time. 


Anyway I busted through the door and declared to Mike “that was the worst run ever.”  He didn’t even know what to say because I usually come back high on endorphins wanting to ninja kick everyone out of excitement, so he just laughed.  I don’t blame him.

The bright side is runs like these make you appreciate the good ones even more.

So I made a huge glass of Nuun and sat with Bam in the community back yard while he ran around hunting for squirrels.  Although he’s kind of bitter he can’t climb trees.

I love sitting outside in the shade after a run or ride.  It’s so nice & refreshing to chill, recover and let Bam stretch out his leggies.  Our patio is tiny so he really loves the open space. 

“So much space, so many activities”…..

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That was until a neighbor brought her dog out on a leash (her dog & Bam love to play together) and told me “you should put him on a leash.”  I looked at her, said no and took Bam home.

I don’t think I ever told you guys, but before we went on vacation, I took Bam out back and didn’t realize another neighbor who has 2 vicious dogs were out there.  They attacked Bam (5th time this has happened to Bam & 3rd incident with others) so I jumped in the middle, picked him up and one of them bit me.

As I was holding Bam the dog started jumping on me, biting Bam’s paws so I kicked it.  Not enough to really hurt it, but enough for it to stop.  Then the owner yelled at me to stop kicking her dog.  Let’s just say there was a party at 7am and the whole neighborhood was invited because I let her have it.

Here’s the ring leader.  The other is the same breed but black & white.


Bam is a very balanced dog and has never had an issue with any other dog, but for some reason these two gang up on him.  If you knew the owner, this would probably all make sense.  Ha!  Man, I wish I had the time to tell you all about her, it’s quite the story.  But I don’t want to waste my time either, so let’s just say that Mike & I get a lot of entertainment out of “nature girl.”

Anyway long story short, because of that the HOA created a new rule that all dogs have to be on leash on the entire property including the fenced in back yard. 

Since Mike & I aren’t followers like sheep, we don’t follow that rule.  Bam wears a shock collar (which we hardly ever have to use) so now it’s become a big thing that we aren’t following the rules. 

Ahhhh we’re renters, and didn’t sign the contract so what are ya gonna do about it!?  And let’s face it, Bam can’t read anyway. 


Moving on…

I went to Costco to pick up a few things and saw these tanks.  Has anyone tried one on?  I love the fit of the tanks they had last year and I’m curious about these.  I’m digging the bright colors.



Because I like it when others post a pic of their shopping carts, here’s mine.  Margarita lovers, Mike loves that Margarita mix and it’s only 10 buckaroo’s.

Apples & celery are for the juicer which is going really well.


Ever have a craptastic or workout? 

Have you ever had an odd neighbor?

This lady takes the cake.  I swear we live in a vortex of control freaks who are retired and have nothing better to do.  Ha!

What was in your cart the last time you went grocery shopping?


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  1. Omigosh, I had a craptastic run yesterday too! I was patient through the first mile (because that one always sucks), but then it just got worse. I had no energy and I felt a bit lightheaded. It was awful 🙁 Somehow it makes me feel better hearing that you had a crappy run too 🙂 Wait… that sounds wrong. But you know what I mean. Tomorrow’s run will be better, right?!

    Our neighbors are drug dealers. Nice, huh? A couple weeks ago, one of their customers backed down our alley too fast and ran into a telephone pole. It was the funniest thing I’d ever seen! My husband keeps joking about starting a blog called “Drug Deals Gone Wrong” and posting pics of our neighbors’ shennanigans.

    • That was so not wrong! I love it when other fess up to craptastic stuff that happens to them. Hey man, we’re all human everything can’t always be rainbows & butterfly’s. lol
      I am sure your “drug deals gone wrong” blog would be a hit. Those kind of people usually aren’t known to the brightest.
      I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. So last night after my run, I walked in the door and the hubs asked “How was your run?” My response SUCKY…I had to walk a big chucnk of it, due to construction – and lack of sidewalk, and just overall – it felt crappy (the cat calls didn’t help to inprove my attitude either…actually it made me even crustier – if that’s possible 🙂 )
    About to lace up and head out on my lunch for a run – and reallly hoping it’s better than yesterday!
    Enjoy your day 🙂

    • Haha I hope I’m laughing with you now!! I have so been there. The good news is I bet your next one was way better. Have a great weekend!

  3. haven’t run in a while. resting groin strain, though I have been stretching and doing cycle classes. : and I’ve got my 1/2 on Sunday. argh. hoping it will be okay.

    from the angle of the photo, the dog looks like a Pharaoh Hound or Ibizan.

    our neighbors next door have two unruly dogs that bark and charge us if they so happen to be out front while we’re out there. -sigh- and another neighbor keeps telling us to sweep up leaves in the gutter area because the area needs to be clean.

    • I hope you recovery is super fast.
      I’ve never heard of those breeds. Humm you might be right though.
      Haha seriously, what is up with people telling others how to live? I don’t get it.

  4. Two days ago I had a sucky run- I kept getting really bad side cramps, which hasn’t happened to me in a long time. Not sure what I did different this time to make them return with such vengeance! Anyway, I ended up walking some of that run. 🙁

    We are very lucky right now with regards to neighbors. Our house is on a corner lot so we’ve only got one neighbor to our left to contend with, and I’m not sure if they even actually live there since we never see them. It’s so peaceful! Although this does also mean they don’t take care of their lawn and the dandelions are spreading into ours…

    • I guess the sucky runs make the good ones even better, right.
      You are very lucky to have only one neighbor. I wouldn’t mind pulling weeds if it meant no one was trying to tell me how to live. Ha! I guess it’s all about perspective. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh I’ve got some neighbor stories… the worst was the girl my age who lived above me & her very large boyfriend always came over & they had lots of “intimate time” every NIGHT! I had to move about it! Sorry, TMI! I need to check out Cotsco for workout gear, I’ve seen a few folks sporting cute things from there. Good luck with the dog madness!

  6. I had that same craptastic run last night as well. sore throat, no energy, hated what i was wearing, attacked by gnats, cement shoes, on and on. i cut it off at mile 4. oh well, theres always tomorrow evening.

    i have good neighbors right now but i run my own senior dog rescue and i can tell you some shananigans from bad owners who treat their dogs like crap or dont control them. i had 2 lab puppies (1 year oldish) attack one of my small seniors and i almost put a beat down on the owner.

    last time in my cart was lots of fruits and veggies and non fat chobani. i’m trying to lose 5 lbs and it just wont seem to move off my body!! grrrrr… drowning my sorrows in Wheat Thins last night didnt help.

  7. I have a 7 month german shepherd and we get chirped at at times to put her on a leash. So what we did was buy a 30 foot long BRIGHT neon yellow cord and it hooks on to her collar so if a dog comes up or she tries to go play with some one who the owner is being a B we can grab the rope from just about anywhere. Works like a charm! My dog also weighs like 70lbs already haha not sure how big Bam is!

    • Brilliant idea! Bam’s about 15 pounds (people say he looks bigger on the blog) so he’s not huge but he’s quick and loves to be chased. Irresponsible dog owners shouldn’t ruin it for people like us. So we put him on a “wireless leash” aka shock collar. We hardly ever use it, just for looks but we still get haters. Oh well lol.

  8. When I lived in Boston, my neighbor was a total hippie and would only talk to my dog and not me. She would also leave notes in our mailbox all the time about all the things we were doing wrong.

    My neighbor where I live now is a hoarder and has about 7-8 cars parked in his driveway or backyard which he rotates daily and washes..even in the dead of winter.

    • Oh wow you poor thing. I would be so annoyed also. Mike & I were talking about moving (don’t know when) and how to find a place with decent neighbors. It’s a crapshoot I guess.

  9. Ok. The second you inserted this line:

    “So much space, so many activities”…..

    I instantly said in my head:
    “Did we just become best friends?! YUP”

    (referring to a previous instagram “What’s you’re favorite color” comment)

  10. Ha we get letters from the apartment complex all the time that aren’t directly do anyone, but more general “make sure your dogs are on leashes at all times” and we never have ours on a leash. He’s well enough trained that it’s not a problem and I don’t worry about what he might do, but we have had problems before (not where we live now, but where we used to live) where he got attacked by another dog and the owner was just like “bad dog” in the stupidest, daintiest voice ever. My boyfriend just ripped the dog off of Indy and threw it to the side – he was so mad.

    • Oh man, they do that whole generalized letter thing to us here too. Mike & I told the HOA president we will not be putting Bam on a leash. He had nothing to say. Pow! I am so with you, responsible dog owners should not be punished because of the irresponsible ones.

  11. I haven’t tried the Costco tanks but I REALLY like the v-neck shirts they have in the same colors! They are fantastic! Grab one if yours still has them!

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