I have no shame

Good morning!! 

SCB has grown a lot recently and I am amazed at how many of you are interested in reading my ramblings.  I’m not even that cool y’all.  Thank you so much for stopping by, stalking, leaving comments, sending emails, and every single little thing.  I really enjoy “meeting” and getting to know my virtual friends. 

If my friend, queen of all running blogs Skinny Runner sent you, welcome!! 


You know I’m kinda liking Mike’s new schedule.  I now have a personal photographer and it frees up so much time so that I can run and torture myself even more. 

He’s thrilled.


My current favorite running skirt.  I’m thinking about starting a Lulu support group for addicts like me. 

Since it’s been so warm, my long run’s haven’t been happening, but lucky for me it was cloudy with a chance of meatballs rain so I told myself I wasn’t coming home without running 10 miles.

Oh the places you’ll go…


Don’t act all surprised that I ran around Google.  I’m thinking about attending one of their town hall meetings to demand they put in a Gatorade/aid station, a post run massage station, and while they’re at it clean my Mizuno’s.  If they do not comply with my demands, I am going to use Bing.


All photo’s take with iPhone 5, not Android. 


It was still 70 degrees and humid so there were a lot of water stops along the way, but dang it, I came home to a worried husband because it took me so long and a 10 on my Garmin.  #winning


Then I played the how long can I stay in my gross, sweaty workout gear game.  Let’s see…Starbucks, check.  I have no shame.


Trader Joe’s, check.


Walking the Bam, check.


My reward for walking Bam; a happy Jack, loose hamstrings & beautiful scenery even if he “waters” it.


How long do you stay in your sweaty workout gear?

What brand are you addicted to?

Google or Bing?


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  1. Sometimes I’ll stay in my sweaty workout clothes all afternoon. If I’m going to get sweaty doing housework it’s just less laundry to do. I am addicted to Athleta running skirts! They come with longer shorts underneath which help. I want the Lulu skirt but I’m hesitant because I need the shorts to be long enough. I look at that skirt online almost daily rationalizing how I can make it work…unfortunately these Italian thighs disagree!!

    • I’ve seen Athleta and always wondered how they compare to Lulu. Is the skirt long enough to cover the shorts under?

      • Yes the skirt does cover the shorts. The one I have now is the Relay Skort and I like it because it is cute and the shorts are long enough to avoid my thighs from rubbing/chafing. How long are the shorts on the Lulu skirt?

  2. im a lulu addict as well, but have a hard time with the new styles since the tanks either aren’t long enough or the crotch is cut funny. i’m on the lookout for other brands—even though I now live in lulu mecca aka canada. hmmm..

    • I’ve noticed the same thing with their tops, which is why I stick to their skirts. They do have longer tops, but most come with a built in bra and I’m not a fan especially for running. Sounds like you live in a beautiful place though! I’m curious, what store(s) do you find workout gear?

  3. Guilty…lulu “steals” alot of my $… 🙂
    If I could stay in my workout clothes – I totally would…unfortunatly the others at work don’t appreciate that…

  4. Wait, is it not perfectly acceptable to stay in sweaty workout clothes all day? I certainly do it as much as possible! And I would join the Lulu support group.

  5. There certainly isn’t a thing wrong with staying in sweaty workout close. It happens to the best of us. In fact I just did it yesterday. Worked out then headed to Field day up at school. All I have to say is I STILL smelt better than some of the 5th grade boys 🙂

    • Haha I bet you did! And yes, it’s totally acceptable to rock sweaty workout clothes for as long as you want!

  6. Love the Pacesetter skirt, the pink one is next on my list, after that THE WORLD! MUHAHAHA….oh sorry sidetracked. I stay in my workout clothes ALL DAY, like yesterday for instance. My excuse is I’ll “probably” do my strength training later in the day…ya ok.

  7. Oh ya……… thanks for the reminder. I need to hit the shower. lol

  8. C’mon now, who would admit to using Bing?

    I have far more Lulu than I care to admit. I also really like most Nike gear other than their shoes 🙂

    I sweat way too much, I need to get out of my workout clothes right away. BUT I will then change into clean workout clothes to chill in…does that count?

    • Is Bing even still in business!? Seriously I have no idea ha! How do you like the men’s line at Lulu? Oh and rocking workout gear 24/7 is totally acceptable.

      • I like the men’s stuff at Lulu for the most part, but find that their sizing is very inconsistent. The quality is really good and the one time I did have an issue with a seam coming apart they were quick to get in fixed. Great Canadian brand!

  9. Haha. I really got to find the running route around google one of these days 🙂

    Perfectly acceptable to stay in sweaty clothes. Sometimes I have to run errands in sweaty yoga clothes and do it. It’s just sweat. And a little bit of stink. Haha.

    I don’t own a single thing of lulu but have lusted from a far. And then I was introduced to athleta and am going to check out their store at valley fair veeeeeery soon 🙂

    • It’s right off Rengstorff and 101. Go east and it’ll take you right into Google. Let me know if you ever want a running buddy, I’m happy to meet up with you.
      The Athleta store in the Valley Fair mall is beautiful!! You’ll have to let me know what you think of their gear.

  10. I may just have to join your Lulu addicts support group, although I don’t think I even own enough from there to be admitted haha. Great job on the run, girly, you are going to rock the Classic!

  11. I occasionally stay in my sweaty gear way too long – especially if I go run in the morning before my work-from-home job.

    I love Kyodan leggings, Procompression socks and Nike running shorts, but I’ve never tried Lulu, and I probably need it in my life. 🙂

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