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How are you today?

I took a rest day yesterday to deal with insurance companies, clean the disaster area we call home, do laundry and other stuff like give Mr. pink skin, age spot Bam a bath.  He was thrilled.


I’ve been working on a lot of behind the scenes blog stuff recently.  I even updated the About page woo!  It was long overdue since SCB finally has direction.  Sorta.  It was perfect timing when this girl invited me to join the #BlogSmarter chat on Twitter last night. 

Turns out when you get a bunch of bloggers together, you make some really cool virtual friends and they share a lot of information.  #winning

We talked about blog safety, how to promote your blog without over promoting, and adding features to your blog.

I want to share a few things I found interesting with you.

Blog promoting & tools:

  • The 80/20.  80% Tweeting, Instagraming, etc others blog posts, pics, quotes and 20% promoting yourself.
  • Popular photo editing tools are Pic Monkey & Pixlr.  I personally use & love Pixlr.  I like that it’s 100% online and I don’t have to download the app to my computer.
  • Moo Cards & Vista Print came highly recommended.  I used Vista for my business cards & I’m very happy with them.  They are also reasonably priced.  I think I scored 500 cards for under $50.


  • One app I use and recommend is Marksta.  It allows you to watermark & copy write photos.  Plus you can save them, so adding your watermark to other images is a synch.  I’m cheap, but actually paid for this one. 

Blog safety:

  • Wait until you’re leaving before checking into Four Square.  I found this one interesting because I don’t use the app, but it makes sense.
  • Never post trails you frequently train on.
  • Don’t release your last name.  I personally don’t mind this one, I think it’s kind of hard to hide especially since I participate in races.
  • Never mention you’re out of town for an extended period of time.  I find this one interesting because I don’t know how they would know where you live in the first place? 

Mike’s advise:

Never post a picture of the front side of your house.  Someone could save the picture, do a Google image search, cross referencing the city that you live in and find the exact address.  It’s how he scores his dates.  Winking smile

If you blog, what tools do you often use & recommend?

What do you do (or not) for online safety?


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  1. These are awesome! I have been interested in getting business cards made so ill definitely check that site out. And safety is definitely a huge priority to me. I don’t have my last name anywhere. Good reminders about checking in places! As for blogging tools: google analytics for my stats and making good connections with designers and other people who you can talk with about technical difficulties with layout and design.

  2. Lots of great “tips” – I’ll have to go check some of them out….like your about me up-date that you are solar powered 🙂 If I lived where you do – I’d be the same way – I would only ever go inside to sleep

  3. I have business cards for my art studio, but haven’t thought of doing one for my Mexigarian one. Perhaps I should 🙂 I don’t use FourSquare (meh) but I’ll look into the Marksta when I post good quality images. lol. it was a very informative twitter chat!

  4. You know, I always struggle with that balance between safety and being open enough to build authentic relationships. No advice here. I’m still really figuring it out.

  5. Sounds like a great chat! Sorry I misses that one.

    All of those are good tips. I try to not to give where I live or go, unless it’s a part of a larger chain store/restaurant. Even races, I am pretty vague about and don’t give the name of it. For me it’s not just a matter of my safety, but my children’s and the rest of my family.

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