The hunt for trail running shoes begins

I’ve been talking about getting into trail running a little and although I’m not 100% sure I am actually going to bit the bullet and do it, I went to Road Runner sports to take a look at what colors options are available. 

I tried on the Asics Gel Scout (below), Saucony Peregrine 3 and the Brooks Cascadia 8.  I felt like my little life was over when I heard that my beloved Mizuno aren’t really into the whole trail running thing.  Say whaaaat?


Here are a few key differences between trail running and road shoes:

  • They have a plate that sits on the ball of your foot through the arch to protect against bruising.  It’s a lot more firm and can not be twisted or bent easily.
  • The heel cushioning is thicker and wraps around the heel so the shoe doesn’t slip on rough terrain.
  • Some shoes (like the Asics) come with a gel cushioning that takes impact off ankles and knees.
  • Treading has a rugged designed for traction on wet and muddy surfaces.  Wahoo bring on the mud runs babe!
  • They tend to have a wider width for stability.


I tried on the Saucony’s on left & Asics on right and walked around for a bit to compare.


Then I tried the Brooks, but wasn’t a fan.  They are a bit wide, so it felt too loose even laced up tight.  I also found this to be the case when I switched to the Brooks Ghost 4 back when the Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s failed me, but let’s prevent another meltdown by not talking about it mmmkay.

So, if you have a wider foot, I would definitely recommend trying Brooks.

Asics for the win, hands down.  My feet are slightly on the narrow side they felt nice and snug around my whole foot, yet the toe box had the perfect amount of wiggle room.  If I decide to get into trail running I will definitely take them into consideration.


Yesterday Mike & I went to downtown Saratoga to check it out.  The cool thing about living here is there are tons of little towns with a lot of charm & character.


I like you already!


We were looking for a place to have lunch, but forgot it was Mother’s Day and every restaurant were packed, so we headed to downtown Los Gatos which is bigger.


I just love the character here!


Mike choose The Mmoon Empanada’s.  It was my first time trying empanada’s and I am now wondering where I’ve been living all my life.  I had one pizza and one ham mac & cheese.  They were both freaking awesome.

Mike & I love to people watch so we sat along the front bar.  Then watched this guy with trash stuffed inside his shirt pulled 2 almost empty coffee cups out of the trash and started drinking out of them. 

We were so grossed out and the germaphobe in me was squirming, so Mike quickly asked me if I had cash and ran out to pay the dude to leave.  The man asked Mike “what did I do?”  Mike handed him a couple bucks to go buy himself a cup of coffee and sent him on his way.

How’s that for ambiance?


We had a good laugh as we popped into the cutest little shops.  I kind of really like these a lot.


And this table.  Oh this table!  It’s beautiful, but not for 5 grand.


Can you believe I went to Starbucks and did not get a coffee?  It was hot out and an iced tea sounded refreshing.  And it was but I am still questioning who I am.


It’s taper time babe!!  I will be doing a couple light runs and taking some time off from heavy training this week to rest up for the Classic.  This has been my post injury race goal and the excitement I’m feeling is pretty dang amazing right now knowing that I will be able to participate in it. 

Trail runners, what shoes do you run in?

Any funny or not so funny dining ambiance stories? 

If you could run any race in the world for free, what would it be?

Anything Disney because I refused grow up.


16 Comments on “The hunt for trail running shoes begins

  1. Hi! I tried out both the Brooks Cascadia 7 and the New Balance 1210. I am really happy with the 1210. It is nice and light, the tongue is attached on the sides to avoid grit and stuff getting in. It also has an 8 mm offset, which I like better. case you pronate at all, it also has medial posting to help you out. Happiness! I’ve definitely tested it on the trails in my area and been very happy.

  2. One time we were eating at a restaurant, and our tablecloth caught on fire…and the fire cheif was sitting at the table behind us…it’s quite a funny story to tell.
    I’m with you…all about Disney. Doing my first run there in October…and just signed up today for another one in January…also SUPER excited that Disney annouced their “free” dining plan yesterday…which means now I can start working on twisting Mike’s arm to go back again this year, for a family vaycay!

  3. I wish I’d gotten to you sooner! I just got my second pair of Salomon XR Mission shoes (and I had another 2 pairs of Salomons before them). These babies are part of their ‘door-to-trail’ series and great for beginning trail runners who also hit the pavement some. I’m not an ambassador for Salomon or anything, but I totally would be if they asked me to!

    • No worries, I haven’t bought a pair yet! I’ll def check out the Salomon’s. Thanks so much for the heads up!

  4. The Asics Scout is on my trail shoe wish list! I almost bought them the week before my injury, but decided to wait a bit longer. I think I may need to reward myself with them for my recovery…

  5. I almost always run on trails and I just wear the same shoes I wear on roads, Nike Air Pegasus, a brand I have worn for years and years. I don’t have any problems. I love trail running!

  6. Not a trail runner yet, but want to get into it. I did however run all winter in trail shoes…NB Minimus Trail 1010’s. I really like them and they performed well in the snow, ice and slush. Will need to write up a review of them once I hit some trails.
    The don’t-worry-about-cost race for me would probably be a one of a kind race, like the Disney Dopey Challenge…a 5K Thursday, 10K Friday, Half Marathon Saturday and Marathon Sunday. I would also love to do the Ragnar down the Oversea’s Highway to Key West, one of my favourite places ever.

  7. I love those cheese forks!! I’m not a trail runner, but if it means I get to buy new shoes if I start, then I may just get into it! 😉

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