Hide yo wife, hide yo kids

Good morning!!  Anyone racing this weekend?  What distance are you doing?


Before you read my lame writing, watch this video!!  I promise it will make up for the rest of this post. 

If you don’t want to workout after this, there is no hope for you.


Hide yo wife, hide yo kids Fresno, because we’re on our way.  After I hit publish of course. 

I spent yesterday packing.  Well, that was after a trip to Starbucks, the dry cleaners and Bam & I worked on our tans.  It’s a ruff (<-had to) life we live, but someone has to do it. 

Plus it’s good to know I make great friend choices *cough SR cough* that enable your coffee addiction.


I hope I remembered all of the important stuff.  But, hey if anything I can run naked with my Pro Compression socks & Garmin.  As long as I have GPS I’m good.


Pandora got me through it, however that Carrot Cake bar was supposed to make it into the bag not my belly.  Oops.


Did you know it’s a proven fact that cleaning your running shoes makes you run faster?  Just go with me on this one mmmkay.


And I got this little surprise in the mail.  I love getting cool stuff like this instead of lame-o bills. 


Blogging will be kind of wonky this weekend, but I’ll pop in with updates. 

If I survive.  In the meantime, feel free to stalk me on Instagram because it’s my other addiction right up there with coffee & running.

What is the one thing you can not run without?

What did you think of the Nike Rise & Shine video?

What was the last cool thing you got in the mail?


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  1. I got my bulubox yesterday too and I took the rice krispy treat into work today as a snack 🙂 Good luck this weekend! And I can’t run without my armband holding my music source.

  2. Can’t run without my iPod because it has my Nike+ on it, I don’t really listen to music anymore when I run. Podcasts are a yes though! I love Runner Academy and Marathon Training Academy so when they have a new one I’ll listen on a solo long training run. We got some new sandals in the mail from MeeMaw (grandma) for the girls so that was fun! Have a good time at your race this weekend! Love that Mike goes with you 🙂

    • I really need to check out podcasts. Thanks for the recommendations! I hear they are awesome. Ha I love that you call grandma MeeMaw. So cute!

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  4. Got my Bulu Box yesterday! Not impressed. I can’t run without something to control my hair. A hat or band is a necessity. And I really need my garmin

  5. Amazing video…love love love it! Can’t run without water and my Bic band for my crazy long curly hair. Latest coolness in the mail…new bathing suit. Never ordered one online but did this one after reading reviews and I love it!

  6. LOVE that video. I’m definitely going to be using that for motivation.

    I love my SPIbelt, and I always run with pepper spray because I’m paranoid.

    • No shame in being a bit paranoid. Safety always comes first. So happy you enjoyed the clip. I watched it several times already. Ha!

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