California Classic Ride Review 2013

Good morning!  How are you guys doing?

We got home yesterday evening and I’m so excited to finally have the time to fill you in on the California Classic Weekend.

I’ll start with the good and move on to the bad & ugly tomorrow, so if reading a post about a train wreck is your thing, you’ll want to check it out.

We got to  Chukchansi Stadium an hour early and had no problems finding parking.  In fact we scored a spot 1 block away from the start plus it was free.  Already winning! (You know you’ve been in the bay area too long that you are excited over free parking!)

Turns out my friend Britney & her fiancée were just a few cars behind us.  This girl is a total rock star.  She did her first Century ride and one of the route direction signs got blown away in the wind.  They made a wrong turn and this girl owned the “bonus” 6 miles.  She is freaking amazing!


Then we made our way to the start line.  I love it when races are organized and start on time and the Classic is no exception.  They had plenty of porta potties, and take it easy on us by not sending us on a hike to get to them.IMG_9830

I hung out with my running & cycling enabler while we waited for it to start.  His support of my crazy adventures is amazing.  I couldn’t imagine doing this stuff without him.  I kind of love that boy.


The first 5ish miles are slow since they are through residential streets with a police escort.  But then the coolest part of the ride is when they close down Freeway 168 for 10 miles and turn us loose. 


It’s definitely worth doing this ride just for this experience.  I mean, how often do you get to ride your bike on the freeway?  Legally of course.  Winking smile


After the freeway, the first rest stop wasn’t far away.  I stopped for a minute or two but was feeling so good I decided to keep going.  A lot of these miles were on back country roads that were not blocked off, but clearly marked.  Oh how I miss wide open spaces.


Miles 15-25 went by so fast.  Every few minutes I hear my Garmin beep with every completed mile and I couldn’t believe how they flew by.

The last few miles are in town and again not blocked off so there was a lot of stopping at red lights.  My buttocks (<-said in Forrest Gump voice) appreciated the rest.  

As I crossed the finish line I spotted little grandma!!  Mike surprised me by picking her up. 

You guys!!  I can not even tell you how happy I was to see her.  I often think of her telling me “you can do anything you want to, you just have to do it.”  Her words have gotten me through some rough runs & rides.  I wish you all could meet her.  Smile


And my Lu came with us too.  I freaking love this girl.  She has been to most of my races and is such a cute little cheerleader.  In real life too.  Can’t wait for her to come hang out this summer.


I was hoping to finish under 3 hours and was surprised to see I blew it out of the water.  I’m not fast by any means, but it’s nice when I underestimate myself.


I, SCB think it should be mandatory for every warm weather race to hand out bottles of water and ice cold towels with medals.  I can not tell you how awesome it was!  I swear the Classic really does think of everything.


All rides & races are chip timed and I dig that the riders get medals too.


My left IT Band was screaming at me so I headed over to the massage booth where Julia worked all of the pain and tightness out.  It felt completely normal after and I made sure to stretch it out a few more times.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, I took a nice long bath and slipped on my compression socks to recover for the half marathon the next day.


**A HUGE thank you to the California Classic for the bib!  All opinions in this post are mine and I approve this message.**


What was the most unique thing you saw a race do?

What would you like to see a race offer or do that would be really neat?


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  1. Nice ride! Excited you got a medal 🙂 I would imagine riding your bike on the freeway to be a pretty cool experience. The run we did yesterday had rugs down on the bridge since it is a grated bridge, it was kinda cool, lol! Congrats, you did awesome!

  2. Congrats! That sounds SO fun! I’m looking into getting a bike (will help with the whole not-able-to-run-yet angst).

  3. You did a great job Jacqueline, way to go. The freeway ride sounds really cool, but I can’t believe you had to stop at red lights! That’s a real surprise to me…
    I know that the Detroit Marathon (only a couple of hours from us here in London) runs across the bridge from the US to Canada and then back to the States through the tunnel under the Detroit River…I would say making two international border crossings is pretty unique.

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