California Classic Run Review 2013

Alternative titles:

  • Craptastic race report
  • The post I didn’t want to write
  • How to DNF like a champ

Just like the day before we got to Chukchansi Park early and scored a schweet parking spot.  It seems like the run had a lot more people than the ride.

I had plenty of time to stretch, make fun of my Lu and watch Mike pole dance with a tree.  <-I am not making that up. 


I was feeling a bit tired, but good overall.  Mike has a way with entertaining me to calm the nerves.  That boy had us laughing so hard.

As soon as I started running my stomach was not happy.  I sometimes feel a little sick to my stomach on long runs but it’s always happened the last few miles.  

Then at mile .67 (no, you are not reading that wrong) my right knee started screaming at me.  I realized the road was slanted so I moved to the center where it was even and the pain went away.  Whew.   

Miles 1-3 were a complete struggle which is not uncommon.  It usually takes me about 3 miles to warm up and find my sweet spot.

Regardless, I mentally pushed through it.

Mile 4 is when the SOS texting to Mike started.


Will someone please teach me how to spell?

My stomach hated me even though I stopped at every water station and downed 1-2 cups of water and Gatorade.  Everything wanted to bounce back.

I knew the zoo was the half way point and my new goal was to make it there.  I started to run/walk and finally made it to Roeding Park where it was shady and a lot cooler.  I started to feel a little better and was able to run through most of the park.  I opened my favorite lemon lime Jelly Belly’s and popped 3 but could not stomach them.  Ugh.  I chewed as long as I could and spit the rest out.  Classy. 


I made it to the zoo entrance where I saw my beautiful friend Natalie!!  She yelled out my name and snapped this delusional picture. 


The happiness I’m displaying is a lie.  Do not believe it.

But she gave me a huge mental boost that keep going.  Thank you so much Nat!!

The zoo was by far the highlight of this race for me.  It was cool & shady and seeing the animals took my mind off the suffering for a bit.


At this point my very loose time goals were thrown out the window and I switched to survival mode, so when a sweet volunteer offered to snap my pic I took my time posing.  May as well, right?


I think my favorite part were the giraffes.  They are beautiful.



After the zoo I was still feeling a bit better so I texted Mike again.


So I za running again.  Back out into the sun.  But it didn’t take long to drain me.  I was hot and thirsty so when a couple runners told me the next water station was a quarter mile up the road I was so relieved.

I sipped on a cup of water and grabbed 2 cups of Gatorade for the road.  I couldn’t even stomach the Gatorade.  It was my favorite powder lemon lime flavor that I train with but the thought of it was awful.

Mile 9 is when the wheels really fell off.  I was hot, tired, thirsty, my mouth was dry and I thought I was going to yack.


In case you’re wondering, this is what death & sadness looks like.


You are welcome.

I made it to the bottom of the over pass, looked at my Garmin that read 9.98, walked the .2 and turned it off. 

Sad, frustrated, let down, hot, tired, thirsty, disappointed. 

I sat on the curb, took my gear off and called Mike to come pick my sorry butt up.  I watched other runners pass by on their way to the finish line with tears in my eyes.  


My body just couldn’t do it.


Average pace per minute: 11:33

Mike & Lu walked over and there may have been a few tears on Mike’s shoulder on the side of the road.  As much as he wanted to push, he could clearly see I just didn’t have it in me.

You guys, walking away was so tough and emotional.  It was my first DNF ever.  I trained so hard for months and knew I was capable of finishing, but my body just wouldn’t pull through.

This post is not a cry fest, it’s my motivation to get back up, dust myself off and train harder for another half.  Nothing is going to stop me from doing something I love with 100% of my heart & soul.

Then he took me to Starbucks because we all know it fixes everything.


I’m not sure what I did wrong, if it was the heat, dehydration or just an off day.  It happens, but we move on.

Mike said something that really got to me on the way home. He said “ Hey, at least your not injured”

I thought about that for awhile and realized it’s true. I will bounce back fast and no need for endless doctors and physical therapy, just me. The way I like it. All ME!

I’ve been laying low, hanging out with Mike and Bam.  Do you know what the coolest part about all of this is?  They don’t think any less of me.

Misery loves company, share your worst run/race/ride.


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  1. I planned to do a 12-mile training run a couple of weeks ago and going into it, I felt great and was super pumped. Then, my planned route was curtailed by flood water so I had to do something else. I had it all figured out, but I just didn’t feel great. At the halfway point, I felt like going ahead and turning around and just running a little less but I just couldn’t do it. So, I kept on, but it was ugly and not that fun. I know it was somewhat mental, but I couldn’t get myself to a place where it felt good. I ended up running 10.75 and then walking the rest.

    I think I pushed too hard in the first 10 (I was running 20 seconds faster per mile) than usual. And I didn’t feel good, and I didn’t bring enough water.

    But we live and we learn! I know I won’t push it that hard and must bring lots of water!

    No matter what, you worked hard, did well (you biked 30+ miles the day before!!! AND ran 10 miles!!!) and you are not injured.

    You’re awesome. Go you!!!

  2. NOBODY thinks any less of you…you pushed your body as far and as hard as you could, and then some. The Bike/Run is one tough combo.
    “Same neck” lol…giraffes are awesome animals, one of my favourites.
    I had one of my worst runs on Sunday as well…I set out to run 25K and it was all I could do to get in my 21.1. I was stupid and didn’t take any water on a hot day and was definitely dehydrated. This was the day after I did a 45K (about 28 miles) bike ride, so I can relate to how you were feeling.
    You came through the race without any major injuries which is the main thing…means you can get up, dust your Lulu skirt off and kill the next time!!

  3. Girl you still did an amazing job that bridge and that sun was NO joke!! I honestly doubt I will do this one again !! the one in November should be much better in the cooler weather!! Hey Who knows I might even attempt the whole half! You still rock & inspire me !!

  4. I had a horrible 1/2 marathon a couple of weeks ago. It totally sucks when you have a bad run day the day of a race. I finished 20 minutes later than normal. It was horrible and I hated it.

    We all have bad run days. Mike is right, at least you aren’t injured. It can only get better, right? I love Skinny Runner and remember she had a “horrible” race recently. (Still way way faster than I will ever be.)

    You had an awesome ride the day before. Remember that! You are awesome and an inspiration.

  5. You are a stronger runner for being able to decide to stop, instead of injuring yourself.

  6. Thanks for sharing the good the bad and the ugly. No ever finished without trying first.
    To make the toughest steel, you must put it through the hottest fires… You ROCK!

  7. I actually think having the balls to stop is harder than keeping going. Respecting the body is important. Anyways, I usually troll (you know me from IG caberr), but I would get horrible stomach pains on long runs (i also have a fickle gi tract) and then I came across this article, and it’s really helped my stomach issues running. Basically, some sugars are thicker than blood, so the body pumps the stomach with water to thin it to metabolize and get it to the blood. Water in stomach means uncomfortable to run and dehydrated. I use osmo now, never Gatorade or gu, and honey stingers. It’s helped SO much. Maybe give it a try?

  8. Dude, kudos to you for listening to your body and not let your pride get in the way! I know it took everything you had to stop but there is always another race. Great job on getting out there and doing your best!

    BTW, I just picked up that running skirt in the pink too yesterday. Can’t wait to take it out for a run!

  9. It takes more strength to listen to your body and stop running than it takes to finish. Sorry about the DNF. Experiences like this only make us stronger and smarter. Your bad run will eventually give you an amazing one. <3

  10. Unfortunately, sh*t happens. Better to stop than to push yourself and end up injured. Your body just wasn’t feeling it. Those days suck, but they do happen. I am sure you will come back stronger in the days to come and rock some runs around google. 🙂

  11. well, I tried to quit and failed at that! at least your husband wasn’t sleeping and actually responded to your texts. 🙂
    we ALL have bad races and if you haven’t, you just haven’t run long enough, that’s all.
    theres always another one. always.

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