Virtual tree sitting protest

Good morning!!  How’s your week coming along?

Well yesterday I dusted off my Lulu skirt, okay I put a new one on, and went for an easy run around the hood.



I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m hoping the week of sucky runs is over and next week is full of unicorns, lollipops and rainbows.  But until then I’ll keep trying and rewarding myself with coffee.


I found out yesterday that my favorite person in the whole wide world is cutting down the huge tree in her backyard.


My mom & Uncle Charlie planted it over 40 years ago.  She liked the trees down around the corner and picked up a few seeds, brought them home & planted them. 

Since then, all of the grandchildren grew up climbing it, falling out of it, scraping our knees & elbows, riding bikes around it and have taken hundreds of pictures next to it.




But the branches are falling off and grandma’s afraid they will fall on her roof & damage it, so she made the decision to cut it down.

I protested over the phone trying to get her to just trim it, but in true grandma fashion, she planted her feet in concrete and firmly said “it’s coming down Friday, I already made the arrangements and ain’t nobody going to change my mind.”  Then she began to interrogate me by asking “once you made up your mind about something, do you want people to try to change it?”

Good point grandma, good point.

When I claimed to be mad at her she firmly replied “oh well you’ll get over it.”  Bahaha I just love that woman!

She’s a stubborn one!  Now y’all know where I get it from.  Winking smile

So I am holding a virtual tree sitting protest.

Tree Sit

I know Grandma is going to read this post, so I’m going to talk just to her for a minute.

Grandma, I will miss that tree. Every time I think of that tree, I think of you. I have so many memories of our whole family around that tree in your backyard. I feel like a little bit of my childhood is slipping away, and that makes me sad. But, like you said. “Oh well, you’ll get over it.”

Okay now I’m back talking to everybody, do you see what I have to deal with!? #firstworldproblems

Share your first world problem(s)!


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  1. Grandma has tree sap on her hands made me laugh so hard! I love it! I totally get the nostalgia for the tree, though. My mom has this wooden bowl from the 70’s that she’s tried to throw away several times and my brothers and I fish it out of the garbage every time. I can’t even explain why! I guess because It’s been around since before we were born?! Not exactly the same level as a tree but, you know.

  2. I saw the photo on instagram. made me laugh. 🙂 there was this willow tree in mi abuela’s backyard and my cousins built a tree house in it years ago when we were kids. soooo many countless memories were made around that tree and in the backyard. it was taken down several years agao and I hadn’t really been in the backyard since the geese took over, but thinking of it brings back so many childhood memories at Wela’s house.

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