Bam is a punk & a little picture inspiration

Bam say’s good morning!!  He want’s to know what your plans are for Memorial weekend?


Speaking of this handsome little devil, he is finally out of the dog house.  Little punk despises the gardeners and tries to chew his way out through the door frame to get outside if I leave him unattended.  99% of the time he is a great guy, it’s just that 1%.  I’ll take it!


I’m a sucker for him and can’t stay mad at his scruffy little face for long, so I took him to his favorite park.  Yes, Bam has a favorite park.  We made a pit stop at Starbucks, duh!  A huge thanks to these cool kids for keeping my coffee addiction going strong.    

Bam can run off leash, dig at gopher holes, chase birds & squirrels.  So pretty much be a dog without our neighbors crying “just because it’s a natural instinct doesn’t make it right.”  <-So not joking bahaha!   



We can all use a little inspiration so I put together a round up of my favorite inspirational pictures.  Some of them have been posted before & some are new.  Get inspired!







What is your favorite inspirational picture and/or quote?  Link to it if you have one!

Use one word to describe your week.

Anyone racing this weekend?


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  1. How could you ever get mad at that sweet furry face?! Ha ha ha!

    So, we’re testing out a shock collar on Zoe this weekend. After I told my husband about Bam, and that I think I’m ok with a shock collar now, he immediately ordered one. Wish us luck! Any advice?

    • The collar will be life changing for you guys!! My best advise is to not shock or buzz Zoe when she’s next to you or coming back after you call her. You want her to realize the safe place is next to you. She will learn really fast. It took Bam no time at all. Now when doesn’t lisen to us off leash a little buzz is all it takes. The husband says every once in awhile he has to ride the lightening. Ha!
      Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I’m always happy to help!

  2. Love the last quote about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable! Since Iam not a person very, um let’s see a good worker outer (if thats even a word!) I tell myself over and over during my latest work outs a inspiration quote I saw on Pinterest lately that at least I am passing up everyone else that is on the couch. Now I am off to the gym 🙂

    • You are so right!! Keep it up, it doesn’t take long before it becomes a habit and then you will crave a workout.

  3. I ran my first half marathon on Saturday, and it was amazing and wonderful!!! I loved running it so much, even if it did end up pouring the last two miles. I finished at exactly my goal time, which made me very happy!

    • Congrats!! I am so happy for you!! Thank you so much for telling me about it.
      Is this your first race ever or first half? Are you planning another race soon?

      • First half – and only my third race ever. I ran a 5K in 2010 and a 10K earlier this year. I’m not really competitive so even though I’ve run since I was 13 (which was 18 years ago!), I hardly ever raced. We didn’t have track at my school.

        I don’t have any races planned just yet, but I do think I’ll do the Color Run this fall, just for fun. I think I’ll also find a 10K to work toward, too. 🙂 I really enjoyed having a team for the half, too, so I’m thinking I should try to get teams together if I can.

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