Saturday Favorites

Welcome to the weekend friends!!  Mike has the weekend off and I am so excited about it!!  We don’t have any plans but it’s nice to have him all to myself so I can bug him.  You know, the usual.

Yesterday I had my first non craptastic run in over a week.


It wasn’t perfect, I stopped a few times but I didn’t feel the need to jack that Google bike and ride it home.  Winking smile

Running is mostly mental for me, so the last mile I turned up Rihanna, focused on proper form and ninja kicked it.  I finished feeling really good about myself, which after this week is something I needed.

I came home to Mike smoking chicken and I think every run should end that way.


I spent the afternoon hanging out with Gina.  We took Bam to his favorite park and hung out at Starbucks downtown.  It was nice to get outside for a bit.  The weather is really weird here right now.  It’s a little cooler than usual, but I’m soaking it in because I know it’ll be hot before I know it.


Here’s a round up of some of my favorite motivational pics found on the web this week.  Because we can all use a little inspiration.  Smile








What motivates you to workout? 

What do you usually eat before a workout?

A banana, toast, coffee & water.

Anyone doing a summer shape up challenge?  If so, which one?  Link to it!


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  1. Happy Long Weekend! I get sucked into motivational posters so hard when I need a swift kick in the rear! I love the “You’re always stronger than you think you are”…so true!

  2. I’m so ready for a couple days off! I usually only have Sundays off. This weekend is off to a great start and I’m looking forward to it continuing!

  3. I really like the Start Your Weekend With A Run! I love to run most mornings, but there is something about a Monday morning and Friday morning run, end capping the week like that feels amazing! Our weather has been wonky here too with lots of rain, looking forward to seeing the sun again!

    • I agree! I know a lot of folks dislike Mondays but I love them. It feels like a fresh start to a new week.

  4. My favorite fuel before a run is a banana and peanut butter with water.

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